Why GTA 5 Probably will not be Released in October

Earlier today, we posted about an Curriculum Vitae of an animator, who accidentally left Grand Theft Auto: V as one of his involved projects, leaking the release date of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title.

The CV was recently pulled, but there was no word from RockStar Games nor Mr. O’Dwyer. It could've been pulled by RockStar Games, but that doesn't necessarily mean the release date was real.

I feel that the title won't be released in October, for a few reasons. For one, most of RockStar's releases for this generation have been during spring. Table Tennis, GTA4, Red Dead, LA Noire, and now Max Payne have all been released in Spring.

With BioShock Infinite being released this October, it's not likely that Take-Two Interactive would want to launch GTA 5 in the same month.

*I - Sufyan @ vGSaints

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Prcko2326d ago

this speculations are so stupid
we had 529752875378 speculations when will gta5 come oout
do we need another one???

vGSaints2326d ago

just putting it out there...


i agree. also, why would rockstar release max payne and gta V in the same year. makes no sense

KwietStorm2325d ago

What doesn't make sense about it?

Laxman2325d ago

One publisher can release more than one game a year you know...

RIPSKATEDESTROY2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

This will have Max PAyne and GTA V "compete" with eachother. Lately we have gotten 1 game a year since RDR, La Noire, this year its gonna be all about Max Payne and its DLC stuff, and NEXT year its gonna be all about GTA V

Ashunderfire862325d ago

Its possible that GTA 5 will release this year. Remember the only GTA game that was really delayed was GTA 4, because it was the first time they included a multiplayer feature in the GTA series. Now they are more experience after the success of GTA 4, and Red Dead. They are well on track for holiday 2012. Halo 4, Medal of Honor, Bioshock Infinite, and GTA 5 day one for me.


good point. but yea i agree on the day one purchase

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Double_Oh_Snap2325d ago

I'd say odd's are it releases this year. Based on the trailer the game looked pretty far along... so October sounds likely to me, gives MP3 space and plenty of time to market with trailers. As if GTA really needs marketing look at view count compared to GTA IV trailer. Sweet, sweet install base.

vGSaints2325d ago

it just seems odd in the pattern, especially with Bioshock in October

Valenka2325d ago

Well Bioshock and GTA are two different genres. It's not like they're going to compete with each other.

Megaton2325d ago

There's not enough PR to indicate a 2012 release date. There would have at least been a 2nd trailer already.

Kaos_Vll2325d ago

You'll see plenty of trailers AFTER MP3 releases, no need to jump the gun with a heavy weight like GTAV.

BitbyDeath2325d ago

Rockstar barely ever does any PR for any of their games. This is just how they roll. Maybe a month or two before release we'll get something in a magazine if we're lucky.

Megaton2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Yeah, we didn't get 4 trailers leading up to GTAIV's launch or anything.

TopDudeMan2325d ago

Rockstar games always release in spring. GTA IV, Red dead redemption, LA Noire all released in spring.

KwietStorm2325d ago

So Rockstar games this generation, specifically

vGSaints2325d ago

yup, one of the reasons why it's quite unlikely

vudu2325d ago

Then again GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas was released in October. Certainly plausible it could happen again.

silvacrest2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

so what if bioshock is released during the same time, if anything, GTA5 would hurt 2k sales much more

rockstars typical release peroid would suggest a 2012 release, all other GTAs in october would suggest that

Laxman2325d ago

GTA V and BioShock Infinite would be two of this years biggest action games, so the company that will be reeling in the money from both of them wouldnt want to release them in the same month as that would just hurt thier own sales as im sure certain cistomers would only buy 1.

silvacrest2325d ago

okay, didnt realize

but lets look at the facts again, since GTA3 rockstar has released a GTA game in october

bioshock is a big game, but it doesnt compare to GTA, so i could see bioshock getting released earlier or later if need be

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