The Indoctrination Effect: Mass Effect 3's Deus Ex Machina

A look at a few outcomes that are possible if the thorough Indoctrination Theory proves to be correct. Also, how the theory takes the Mass Effect series from action sci-fi to revolutionary.

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Some good theories right there...makes you wonder but at least we get free Co-Op DLC lol

MysticStrummer2354d ago

I thought all this had been squashed. No new ending, just clarification. Maybe I read wrong, but Bioware seemed pretty clear.

--Onilink--2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Well the clarification could be a video showing shepard waking up from the rubble and harbinger saying that control failed or something like that.... Though i really doubt it

mistajeff2354d ago

I disagree with the author-- not about the indoctrination theory, because I personally think that's the case, but about the ending to the real conflict being sold via DLC. I think it'll actually be the basis for the next game, and depending on what happens to your shepard, he/she can either be an antagonist (if indoctrinated), an NPC (or even a party member with behavior based on your paragon/renegade distribution, that'd be sweet), or simply not there if you chose the 'red' ending and didn't survive. In fact, I hope this is the case, as your previous choices from ME3 can factor into the next game and help determine the outcome of the conflict.

But this is all speculation anyway.

joeyjoeyjoejoe2354d ago

.... Maybe the extended cut will have an extended ending that shows Shepard waking up after he destroyed the reapers?

Or maybe the extended cut will show Admiral Hacket ordering everyone to return home via the Mass Relay..before it explodes :/

Damn you Bioware...for making every decision you take in the Mass Series pretty much pointless :/

wordthrower2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

My most passionate, heartfelt wish for Mass Effect 3 is for people to shut up about this pie in the sky indoctrination theory horseshit. At best, it's the product of people in the preliminary stages of grieving doing some really awe inspiring mental gymnastics in an attempt to pull something positive out of that mess of an ending, and at worst, the community is writing the script to some conciliatory DLC that they'll try to use as an olive branch. That's not to imply that I think that scenario is a likely one, but should it come to pass, I will actually have a fucking brain aneurysm the first time I read someone write about how they "knew it all along!"

If you want to see what Bioware was going for, then just youtube up the ending sequences you haven't seen already, and there you go. That's it, that's all there is.