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Charlie writes:

"I can’t believe some people are so stupid to think that consoles are dying. I mean… consoles. Dying. Can you believe how silly that sounds? And why oh why do those certain stupid people think they are dying? Because of mobile phones, tablets, smart devices and so forth. What? Have those people forgotten that a console and a smart phone are pretty much two different things? Smart phone people aren’t smart."

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MariaHelFutura2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Who ever thinks that should be smacked in the head w/ a PS3, 360 and Wii that are taped together.

CarlitoBrigante2291d ago

Shut up, Angry Birds and Farmville are so much better than console games, like seriously.

DeadSpaced2291d ago

Angry Birds and Farmville are a casual games. Both are good for the price. So if you're saying that apps provide a better selection of casual games, then I agree. I still believe that serious gamers may have a mix of both console and apps but they'll still have a console. "like seriously."

Hicken2291d ago

... he was being sarcastic. Anybody's who's read even one of his posts would know that.

And of course consoles aren't dying. That's just the ill-informed and willfully ignorant trapped in their own little world where the rise of the smart device has somehow also created a fall in dedicated gaming devices.

Sure, we can argue that this is the first time a console generation has seen all systems sells 50 million units, or that the previous generation dedicated handhelds both smashed records in their field while being on the market right along with smart devices, but that's an inconvenient truth for them. As such, they'll treat it like it doesn't exist.

Fylus2290d ago

@DeadSpaced, I generally have a difficult time interpreting when someone is being sarcastic through text, and even I could tell he was being sarcastic.

Kran2290d ago

Yeah... sorry Dead and Carl, but I honestly couldnt tell if Carl was being sarcastic or not.

If you WANT to be sarcastic, add a /s, cause I dont know you to be sarcastic because... i dont know you :/

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NovusTerminus2291d ago

For everyone saying consoles are dying, why do they account for majority of video game sales?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32291d ago

Hmm, I'm pretty sure its up to the companies to relay the message that their consoles are dying, lol.

PopRocks3592291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

People just say that because iPads (which by the way, are just a fad) sell as much as they do and count as technology. The gaming industry may not reach what Apple achieved with their "tablets-for-dummies" ; but it's still a profitable industry nonetheless.

Kran2291d ago

But for stupid people to think that things like iPads and Tablets and Smart Phones will kill consoles?

PopRocks3592291d ago

Yeah. Shit like this will really kill a quality content market.

Indigo1232291d ago

your kidding.........consoles arent dying? wonderful.........

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