Majesco unveils Our House

Majesco has come up with a bizarre idea to let you build your own house using the Wii.

Dubbed Our House, you erect your dwelling from start to end, using the Wiimote to lay foundations, hammer in nails, saw wood, paint and decorate, and generally do the sort of jobs you pay someone to take care of because good god it is hard work.

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Darkiewonder3969d ago

they said "erect".

Jokes aside.

This sounds interesting. Hope it does not faily like EA did with My Sims ;o

Zhuk3969d ago

I might actually enjoy playing this, but then I remember this will be even more shovelware from Majesco.

Though I give them credit for the rough diamond that was Advent Rising

wiizy3969d ago

thats what the wii needs. original ideas. and majesco have two great games coming so far

AnSteRiX3969d ago

...... what can i say... Top dogg ...