Call Of Duty: MW3 'Overwatch' DLC. First look

A first look article from GamerTV, looking at the new dlc map 'Overwatch' for Call of Duty: MW3. Includes a 9 minute video of a Domination game, so you can see the new DLC map in action.

Why not checkout the GamerTV show while your there?

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ramiuk12354d ago

shows how much of a mess this site is.
this came out over a month ago didnt it?

Muffins12232354d ago

Wow,looks exactly same as the mw2 version of it but the insides are changed

Ninjamonkey822354d ago

Tbh fairness would have the maps released across the board on all platforms at the same time. Sensless this tbh they got people paying a subscription now. Terms of a subscription should be meet on equal terms. The exculsivity deal should have ended with the interdution of Elite.

TUWC2354d ago

Totally agree with you 'ninjagoat', I have the PS3 Elite subscription, hence the lateness in producing this article 'ramiuk1', it only became available to me to play last week.
Thankfully the 'exclusivity' agreement will run out at the end of the year.
Also, think how the poor PC gamers feel. They have had no DLC at all, and no real announcement as to when it will be available, other than a few hints that the 6 DLC packs that the Xbox Elite subscribers currently have, may be available as 'download pack 1' towards the end of April.
BTW, what is it that you have never heard of 'Bladesfist'?

Bladesfist2354d ago

the DlC. Im a pcgamer and this has not been advertised once on steam so I did'nt even know it existed

TUWC2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

OIC 'Bladesfist', yeah its complicated. There are like 5 or 6 levels of releases involved with the DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
First off we have the 'Exclusivity' deal which Microsoft brokered for the Xbox360, which sees Xbox getting DLC before anyone else, by about a month. Then we have the 'Elite' subscribers on the Xbox360 and the PS3, but not offered to the PC gamers, and then finally we have Non Elite subscribers on the Xbox360, the PS3 and of course the PC.

So the release schedule goes something like

1)Xbox360 Elite subscribers (already have drops 1-6)
2)around a month later,PS3 Elite Subscribers (drops 1-3)
3)Xbox360 non Elite subscibers (collection 1 available now)
4)about a month later PS3 non elite subscribers and PC gamers.

I added the PC tag to the article as the content WILL be available at a future date, and it would appear to be a good move as it has brought it to your attention 'Bladefist' :)