350 Platinums Legit on the Playstation 3

A gamer named Hakoom shows how he achieved 350 platinum trophies legit on the PlayStation 3

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Mio2175d ago

nice video, keep up the work!

Dante1122175d ago

Dang, this guy is dedicated.

guitarded772175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Hakoom's throne is pretty much secured... I don't see anyone taking this guy down. I'm guessing all he does is play video games... and drink Monster energy drink. Sony should give him a free PS4 at launch for having the most trophies.

That's been happening a lot to me too lately, and I get the "Hmmm something went wrong" message.

adorie2175d ago

He's numbers 3 in the world according to this.

he's also got 20 more platinums after this video, going by the 350 number.

guitarded772175d ago


Hmmm... guess so. These guys got crazy trophies. Wonder how many are individual gamers and how many are team gamers.

Hellsvacancy2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

He got the platinum for Happy Feet 2, why would you do it to yourself?

Theres not too much skill in gettin a trophy, obviously theres games that do require skill but the vast majority of games dont, you just need time, and this dude must hav loads of it and no women/kids to spend it with, i kinda feel sorry for him

My 16 platinums (soon to be 19) will do just fine, theres no way ill play a game just for the sake of it

BiggCMan2174d ago

I guarantee that he used in game glitches as much as possible for any games that had them. While all the trophies are legitimate, it doesn't mean he actually put in all the work for every single game. Demon's Souls for instance has a duplication glitch that can get you the Platinum very quickly.

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Dante1122175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Wth, double post again? But I'll say this, the only games I've ever gotten a platinum trophy on was Heavy Rain, Uc2, Uc3, and Fight Night.

Snookies122175d ago

Yeah that dude's crazy good...

admiralvic2175d ago

Try crazy dedicated... While I can't speak for his skills in every game, I did face him for a few rounds in Bioshock 2. He could hardly maintain a 1:1 Kill to Death ration, so I would wager hes just insanely dedicated and nothing more.

I am sure I will get tons of disagrees for this, but I would love for him to prove me wrong.

Snookies122175d ago

Eh, maybe he's just not good at shooters? I'm decent at shooters, but give me an RPG and I'll tear it up in every way possible lol. XD

Still, you might be right, in either case you HAVE to have some amazing dedication to get all those trophies. Also, you need money, LOTS and LOTS of money...

admiralvic2175d ago

Sigh~ I wish I caught my ratio spelling error ><

@ Snookies12

All im saying is that is the only time I actually encountered him. It could have been someone else playing, it could have been he was using the wrong guns, it could have been a lot of things, but in the end I wasn't too impressed by what I saw.

Like I said there could be a number of things, though plenty of people can do these hard tasks. Thus I don't see why people see Hakooom as something of a gaming god. More than likely he is a skilled gamer('s) with too much time. Getting that high is still an accomplishment, though I just don't think hes as skilled as people act like he is.

gtxgamer22175d ago

Wow, you must have ALOT of time on your hand.

MariaHelFutura2175d ago

Good at games, sucks at life.

SilentNegotiator2175d ago

The general consensus seems to be "someone has too much time on their hands" in both, so what are you talking about?

MakeBelieve2175d ago

ALOT of time on his hands...and MONEY!!

Vitalogy2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

A lot of time Yes, a lot of money, doesn't need to. He has a website or blog or whatever where he askes people help to get more and more platinuns, how? Well people donate or borrow him games, that's how LOL so for those saying sony should give him a ps4 because of his trophies I think it would made sence if he had bought every single game that he has platinum for not that would pretty much earn him a ps4 for dedication and loyalty to the brand.

And there's a guy from kuwait that has over 400 platinuns so 350 (or 370) it's not "the best" but instead "one of the best" ;)

tigertron2175d ago

Does he have a girlfriend to go with it?

guitarded772175d ago

He needs a trophy wife!!! Get it??? Get it??? Ohhh

Epedemic2175d ago

It's two people. Not impressed really. Lives in UAE so he gets games like 2 weeks earlier than everyone else.

call me a hater, i'm just saying the facts.

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