Dark Souls – These are the features that should be supported in the PC version

DSOGaming writes: "With the upcoming release of Dark Souls PC, we thought it would be appropriate to share our thoughts on the ideal and proper PC version of Dark Souls. Obviously, most PC gamers would love to see better textures and better graphics but let’s be realistic; that ain’t gonna happen. Therefore, we’ll be realistic on our demands and we’ll present you what features the PC version of Dark Souls should support. PC gamers demanded this game to get released on their beloved platform and it would be wise for Namco (and the company porting it) to support them."

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NYC_Gamer2356d ago

I agree,with all the features listed in the article.

Hellsvacancy2356d ago

Just be grateful your gettin it at all

SPAM-FRITTER-1232356d ago

grateful for what? another console port.

Letros2356d ago

Razer Hydra support would be pretty sweet.

Dark112356d ago

Let us just hope that PC gamers buy it.

MAJ0R2356d ago

Here we go again with the "all PC gamers are pirates"

Dark112356d ago

What are talking about?
where did i say that PC gamers are pirates?


I'm a PC gamer and I can't wait for this!!!

Giru0172356d ago

I just hope it'll be on steam. If Alan Wake has taught us any lesson it's that launch price and platform are key to success. Sure, they'll lose out on (30% was it?) of the sale, but sell more in the long run to a wider audience. Steam support/integration is a must these days.

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