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The series' original developer, Remedy Entertainment, is out, and Rockstar Games has fully taken the reigns for Max Payne 3. The end result is definitely more in-line with the quality and gritty game that Rockstar is known for, but it’s still the Max Payne you remember. It’s been almost a decade since we last saw Max Payne, and although he’s a weathered, broken alcoholic and addict, he’s still the same fearless badass he has always been.

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dbjj120882356d ago

I just can't wait for this game. I think it's going to be awesome because I loved multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption so much.

Sev2356d ago

I kept feeling like I was playing RDR in an urban setting. It's like Rockstar took everything that was great in Max Payne and RDR and mashed them together. This was completely off my radar, then I played it. The opposite usually happens. I'm usually excited about a game, I play it and I'm disappointed.

hennessey862356d ago

can't wait to get this into my PS3/XBOX (depends which versions better)

Oaklnd2355d ago

This is a pretty good series, cant wait for the new one