Rockstar has “no plans for a Max Payne 3 demo”

A tweet from Rockstar says there are no plans for a Max Payne 3 demo.

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Godchild10202176d ago

They don't need a demo. Their game will sell based off their reputation and word of mouth. Rockstar's and Take Two's advertising doesn't hurt either.

arjman2175d ago

Their demos would probably take at least 10 gig of space lol

ritsuka6662176d ago

Another reason for not buy this game.

kaveti66162175d ago

Demos have initially turned me off to some of the better games I've played.

Dead Space's demo was complete crap, so I decided not to buy the game. Two years later I purchased it because it was on sale. One of the best games I've played.

Conversely, the CoD World at War demo was very fun for me. I played the game at a friend's house (I don't buy COD games), and I hated it.

If you're gonna put out a demo, you have to do a great job with the demo. Thus, a developer who's making a high quality game may hurt the sales of the game by putting out a glitchy, boring demo that doesn't offer the same level of excitement as the main title. I can see why developers would be hesitant to put out a demo.

omi25p2175d ago

Then you miss out on another Rockstar masterpiece, A sequel to one of the best franchises out there and a potential GOTY. Congratulations.

bumnut2175d ago

What makes you so sure it will be great?

The first 2 games were amazing and still look good today, I have high hopes but R* have made some crap games over the last few years.

Look how GTA4 turned out, huge franchise, crap sequel.

A demo would be nice imo

omi25p2175d ago

Having played near enough every single Rockstar game I can say GTA IV is in my top 5.

I have never played a Rockstar Game I haven't liked. That's why im sure I will like it. Also the gameplay footage loots amazing and Max Payne is a franchise for the real core gamers.

Drabent2175d ago

Alot say GTAIV was crap some liked it, I think it was good being PS3's first GTA(remember most games sucked at ps3 launch)....but the main character did SUCK lol sry Niko.

IRetrouk2175d ago

No not really, there's not many devs games I would buy without some sort of demo or vid but I would buy a rockstar game without any info on it,

Off topic but I have to say that Ted is looking funny as hell going by the trailer,

Where's my ring you f..k, put a ring on my fluffy finger u f..king f..k

Dark112175d ago

you don't need a demo IT IS FROM ROCKSTAR
hell you don't even need to see any trailers for the game
you just go out and buy it .. ok maybe i gone too far lol

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The story is too old to be commented.