US government hires company to hack into video game consoles

ZDnet - "The U.S. government recently posted a project asking for the “Development of Tools for Extracting Information from Video Game Systems.” The listing was posted just two months ago, and last week a contract was signed with the California-based company Obscure Technologies. The U.S. is paying $177,237.50 for the job."

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StanSmith2171d ago

So it's wrong for the people to hack into the governments to expose their lies, but is totally okay for them to hack us?! What the hell?

Welcome to Big Brother!

Also LMAO that they are going to hack people outside the US! The US Government need that chip knocking off their shoulders. It's a shame that the American people have to put up with such idiots.

dark-hollow2171d ago

Bu bu but it for your own good!

GamingPerson2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

PC <3 were people hack the gov.

I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to get the info pipeline hooked up for next gen consoles. The could watch all your moves.

StayStatic2171d ago

***puts on tinfoil hat*** =)

lionelglitchy2171d ago

this is because the feds are worried that the chinese are putting moody tech in chips etc that they can use to remote access servers/computers etc and they are probably right

catfrog2171d ago

if you want to play some of my games all you have to do is ask, im a pretty good sharer