Why The Wii U Could Be Nintendo's Demise

GR: There's a bit of news circulating today about Marvin Donald of Vigil Games, developers of Darksiders II, saying that the Wii U is "on par" with the current generation of consoles—the Xbox 360 and the PS3. But is "on par" really enough to justify a purchase of the Wii U? Is a nifty new controller going to work a second time? And more importantly, is the Wii U in any position to compete in the next generation?

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jacen1002360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

yea on par? that means it can do what current gen can do, ofcourse it will be on par from rumoured specs its beyhond par so then that would make it on par aswell . get it?

THQ: “WiiU is just a lot more powerful than current HD consoles it does 1080p very easy.”
Epic: “It will do things current HD consoles simply can't do, it's going to be a powerful box.”
Crytek: “WiiU devkits are very powerful,the specs are very good”
Vigil Games: “We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”
EA: “Wii U is not a transitional platform, it is a true next generation system.”

stuna12360d ago

I understand everything you listed, but just going on someones word doesn't always amount to what everyone considers factual! Take what was said about the ps3 before launch as a determining factor, we know how that panned out!

Without proof how can you be sure those developers don't have their own hidden agendas behind what they say?

Food for thought, what developer do you know would be willing to bad mouth a console maker if they stand the chance of potentially making millions? None I can think of.

jacen1002359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Credible developers are claiming the wiiU is more powerfull than current gen so i tend to beleive that rather than these anonymous developer rumours that claim weaker than current gen,
nintendo will not release a new generation console weaker than the current gen leaders.

Wii was the only nintendo console underpowered and if u ask me i wouldent even class nintendo as entering the last generation

All they did last generation was introduce motion to the masses and put the gamecube in a smaller white case and rename it Wii.

Wii U is a complete new console with nintendo finally investing in new hardware spending some of that money they made off the gamecube/wii cause they both were the same console which nintendo made money off for 2 generations.

AT the same time the other 2 companys were loosing money so i think nintendo is in a good situation this time to release a console more powerfull than current HD consoles.

mcstorm2360d ago

The wiiu could go one of two ways it could be a massive flop or a sucess. Nothing to do with its power at all. Its all about games and how the console is sold. Its as simple as that. But this is not just for the wiiu it will be the same for the next xbox and playstation. Look at the difference in sales of the psv and 3ds for example. I love the psv and 3ds but sony have got the mix of games and marketing wrong where nintendo have got it right.

Shok2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

At the same time, 2 other developers FROM VIGIL GAMES have said that the Wii U is actually more powerful, so Marvin Donald is actually contradicting what his fellow employees are saying:

"Yeah, just because the hardware is more powerful and it will have some extra features that I think will actually be useful to people playing the game."

"We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”

Can't find the link to this one, but if you really doubt it that much, you got Google at your disposal lol.

In other words, let's just wait till E3, yes?

browngamer412360d ago ShowReplies(1)
PopRocks3592360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Okay... how the hell does browngamer41's comment count as a "personal attack"?

Anyway, I recently visited Reddit and I must say that it's largely uncanny how far less negative that community is toward the Wii U.

For one thing, the majority of them weren't stupid enough to buy these recent negative rumors that came out. Largely because they possessed the ability to put two and two together and realize that given what we know and we have heard about the platform thus far, there's no way it can be weaker than current HD hardware.

As for this article, doom and gloom happened for Wii and DS. Both were mass successes and made Nintendo a lot of money. I hardly see the Wii U being unable to find an audience.

DrPepper2360d ago

dude stop crying your like on every wii u discussion complaining. what are you a nintendo keyboard warrior. if your saying just wait till E3 why don't you shut up and wait till E3 then? go back to youtube shokio nobody wants you here with your crybaby attitude like the whole communtiy your associated with on youtube.

PopRocks3592360d ago

Take a good long look here folks. This is a personal attack on someone for their opinion.

Shok2360d ago

A nerve has been touched lol.

Aggesan2360d ago

Is it one thing I've learned about Nintendo, then it's that it's stupid to scream doom about their consoles. It'll only come back and bite u in the back in the end.

Gen0ne2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Yeah, it COULD be... but it won't.

EDIT: to my phantom disagreer, I'm gonna book mark this page. just so I can say this time next year "SEE!"

erasure2422360d ago

Oh God.. another Nintendo is Doomed article... Wii was also doomed... as well as the 3DS...

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