Top 10 Funniest Banter Scenes in Mass Effect 3

GR - "Mass Effect 3 isn't all doom and gloom. There's bits of levity in it, as well."

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SeraphimBlade2142d ago

I do love what people have done with that EDI conversation.

"How was your first night with Joker?"
"I broke his pelvis."

pangitkqb2142d ago

You know what is my favorite? Plagiarism! Yay!

crxss2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

no one is going to comment on the news picture? hottest asari photoshop i've ever seen.

back on topic, i've only seen a few of these. the javik scenes are good but it just irritates me that i had to pay extra for what should have been standard... also #6 and #7 are practically the same.

firelogic2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

#5 and #6 are essentially the same. Should remove one and add the Javik/Tali convo.

Tali: You're a real live prothean?
Javik: As opposed to a fake dead one?
Tali: Um....Okaaaay then...

bessy672142d ago

Tali drunk dialing Javik was pretty awesome as well

arjman2142d ago

Watch Gamer Poop: Mass Effect on youtube for some real laughs, trust me you won't regret it :D

bessy672142d ago

No drunk Tali = list fail!

pangitkqb2142d ago

I agree. Others can call me a troll if they want to. I agree with you.

TekoIie2142d ago

that was on the list though....

TekoIie2141d ago

lol sorry, dont now how i thought it was in there :S