ZTGD | Klei's New Ninja Game Hits the Mark (Hands On)

Mike Futter writes: I had the chance to speak with Nels Anderson, who gave me a guided tour of Klei’s new stealth platformer, Mark of the Ninja. Not only did I learn about the studio’s post-Shank plans, but about Klei’s design philosophy. If you had any doubts about this studio being one of the special ones, I’m about to put that all to rest.

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jetlian2293d ago

cant wait for this. xbla is on fire this year. this, alan wake, dust the elysian tails, kung fu strike, dungeon fighter, dead light etc.

plus all the others mp ones like shank 2, simpsons, l am alive

FrustratedFury2293d ago

I'm so glad someone else is excited for Dust. That game looks fantastic.