Capcom's Insanity Could Be Ruining Dragon's Dogma's Chances Of Ever Getting A Sequel

GP: "When it comes to Capcom, its a real love/hate relationship. They can usually churn out some really great games, but their main problem is that they simply cannot market something to save their lives. So why do they think a new game in untested waters will sell more than any other game they've ever released?"

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MysticStrummer2295d ago

How about we wait until the game releases and play it before we decide we need a sequel and start whining?

Lord_Sloth2295d ago

I want a console Monster Hunter anyway. Nothin against Dogma though.

Soldierone2295d ago

Lol of all the things Capcom does you think the lack of marketing is what kills their games? How about their crappy DLC ways or their half arsed effort lately?

How many Capcom games in the past few years have released with half the content on the disc locked out, and then released again later with it all fully unlocked? Has anyone on PC or whatever found a way to break the code and just use everything they purchased without paying again?

rdgneoz32294d ago

Yah, i was looking forward to the game at first. Now I want to wait to see if they've locked half the content on the disk to sell for later. From the demos/videos I've seen, it looks like a fun game. It just depends of whether Capcom screws it over by trying to milk its customers.

Simon_Brezhnev2294d ago

Either way im buying this game used.

geddesmond2294d ago

I won't buy this game for the simple fact that the words Capcom are on the box. This game won't even sell 3 mil copies across all platforms let alone 10 mil lol and its not Capcoms marketing that will destroy this game. Its the exclusive content for xbox,the constant Disk locked quests they will charge for and the fact that Capcom haven't made many decent games this gen. If Dark Souls can't reach 3 mil world wide then this game definitely won't. One last thing F. Capcom.

ShaunCameron2294d ago

<and the fact that Capcom haven't made many decent games this gen>

Street Fighter IV?
Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros' Treasure?
Monster Hunter Tri?
Asura's Wrath?
Dead Rising?

By the way, Dark Souls is Namco Bandai's game, not Capcom's.

geddesmond2294d ago

I didn't say dark souls was a capcom game. I plated both demon souls and dark souls, I think I know who published it. My point in bringing up dark souls is if a beast of a game like that can't sell 3 mil then how does capcom expect to do it with a simular style game.

Also Dead rising sucked, SF4 sucked to none fighting game fans like me, asuras wraith isn't a proper game, its mostly a quick time event game and it sucked, zack and wiki?? mate I never even heard of that game and I read a lot about gaming and monster hunter, its one of 5 games I bough for my wii and I didn't like it at all. Not to mention that I would never call Wii next gen.

Many people might like monster hunter but in my books it sucks. The only decent games capcom made this gen was Bionic commander and RE5

rdgneoz32294d ago

Yah, Asura's Wrath... A game that is short, has a ton of QTEs, and has its real ending being sold as DLC... Such a great game...

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