Is HD DVD Dead?

Ashley Phillips writes, "When Warner Bros. Entertainment announced Friday it will release high-definition DVDs exclusively in the new Blu-ray format, the studio may have struck a deadly blow against its struggling high-definition rival, HD-DVD, analysts resoundingly told"

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damnwrx3842d ago

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Microsoft Knight3842d ago

No it isn't but Blu-Ray will be.

RIPHDDVD3842d ago

Blu-ray is MURDERING HD-DVD. Warner/New Line Cinema put the final nail in HD-DVD's coffin. it's a dead format now.

sypen3842d ago

Hey do you even know what happened the past few days, WB + BLU-RAY = HDDVD DEAD.

HarryEtTubMan3842d ago

HD DVD add on owning XBOT^^^^^^^^^^^(still in denial)

ohhthegore3842d ago

Someone shoot this injured horse down

BigKev453842d ago

Yeah, sad but true. HD DVD is about to be 6 feet under.

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The story is too old to be commented.