ZTGD | Hitman Absolution Caters to the Assassin in You (Preview)

Mike Futter writes: I had the opportunity to see a developer walkthrough of Hitman: Absolution here at PAX East, and the game is shaping up to be the most flexible and accessible entry in the series.

The level we saw takes Agent 47 through an orphanage in pursuit of a young girl of unknown importance. Unfortunately, a thug and his cronies are already on site, shooting up the place. You’ll have a choice to make: do this bloody or keep it quiet.

We saw both

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Valenka2143d ago

Yet another article covering information we already know from 30,000 other articles about the same goddamn mission. Hey Square Enix, how about letting us in on another mission so we don't have to hear about the same orphanage every time a journalist wants to cover the game?