Monolith Soft Tried Using A Turn Based Battle System For Xenoblade Chronicles

Siliconera: Xenoblade Chronicles has a real-time battle system built like Final Fantasy XII’s Active Dimension Battle system or an MMORPG. Monsters roam the field for players to lure (or avoid if you’re wandering around at night) and managing aggro is key to staying alive. Unique to Xenoblade Chronicles is how visions of the future are integrated into combat.

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catfrog2361d ago

i downloaded this game before it was announced for a western release, got a bit into it and stopped when i heard that it was going to release here. ill go buy it after i finish playing tales of graces f and finish it

glad gamestop is putting money forward to bring this over to NA, very nice of them. some people might like to think theyre a bad company, and in many ways they arent very good to their customers, but they are pretty much the reason that this game is releasing in the states, so i appreciate them. also xseed, im glad theyre picking up the last story publishing and bringing it to the west

Instigator2360d ago

I'm glad they decided for a real-time battle system. That and the heavy exploration are some of the reasons it's such a great experience.