Why Isn't Kinect "Kinecting" with Hardcore Gamers?

PS3 and 360 have always appealed to the more serious gamers, and a push for blockbuster Kinect titles (decent ones) would mean hardcore gaming gold.

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omi25p2355d ago

Because its to busy "kinecting" with casual gamers

MariaHelFutura2355d ago

Because your controller is a better controller than you are....

SockeyBoy2355d ago

Haha your point is funny actually...Xbox has the best controller (IMO), MS release a piece of hardware that eliminates the controller. *sigh* oh MS.

VanillaBear2355d ago

I don't know I like the Dual Shock controler since it feels good with all differen't types of games, with the 360 controler it only feels better when your playing FPS.

EVILDEAD3602355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

LOL @ another silly fanblogger Kinect vs. hardcore article number 4,080..

The best part is the title of the article has NOTHING to do with the article itself.

The rumored Gears game that Cliffy never said existed not releasing had NOTHING to do with who is playing Kinect.

No matter how many fan bloggers and detractors pretend otherwise, Hardcore gamers own and play Kinect.

360 NEVER needed Kinect to control shooters as the 360 controller is simply perfection for shooters.

Just in the last month hardcore gamers were using Kinect for Mass Effect 3..i bought Tiger Woods 13 launch week on the strength of playing it with Kinect.

The funniest part of the ignorance that sites like the purport when you can simply look on a random Mass Effect multilayer profile and see that they got achievements in Kinect sports, Dance Central and others.

The whole hardcore argument was silly from day one as GAMER play GAMES period. The 360 hardcore gamers are the reason the top franchises for the system are blockbusters, Kinect isn't going to change that.

What the device does is ADD to the experiences that the 360 offers in gaming and multi-media entertainment. Nothing more and nothing less.


M-M2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )



Seriously, why? MariaHelFutura's comment has nothing to do with which controller is the best.

SockeyBoy2355d ago

@ cooguy1212

Your right I didn't mean to bring controller wars into the discussion, I was only pointing out the irony, that's all.

Perjoss2355d ago

If Kinect was aimed at hardcore gamer would there not be more hardcore games on it? It is clearly aimed at casual gamers, not sure why it takes so long for people to figure this out.

SilentNegotiator2355d ago

Kinect's uses ultimately end up being shallow for a few reasons. The idea of it doing full body tracking just falls apart as you actually use it and look at the realities of creating a game for it.

First of all, no one wants to PROGRAM for perfect, 100% body tracking. It would be too much effort. So you're stuck with barely mapped limits that the developers create. Even the most serious efforts like Rise of Nightmares were smart enough to make it so a simple motion put you on rails.

Second, Kinect simply isn't accurate enough. They aren't going to patch in more accuracy, get it drastically more right next time, or get the "right" developer.....Kinect is what it is. It WORKS, but the writing is on the's far from perfect. Very far.

Traditional controllers, analog and buttons and all, are more reliable. Dance and fitness games aside, what has Kinect brought that couldn't be done already? Allowing you to wave and yell at your TV in place of clicking two buttons? How immersive is it to use a controller that works half as often?

For the Wii-type crowd? Fine. That'll do. Get some minor cardio or play Wii bowl for 5 minutes....that's great. But it will NEVER make any significant impact on those that play traditional games.

IRetrouk2355d ago

so then why did micro state that they would have plenty of harcore games for kinect? they stated this plenty of times before and just after release with a wait and see tagline, regardless, it is what it is, going by sales they are doing something right

honkyjesus2355d ago


Mass 3 using voice commands was useless, most didn't use it.

PS - you bought Tiger 13 last week so Kinect is doing great? I am not sure you buying a yearly sports game in a terribly down year with a terribly down game means hardcore players love it. In fact, you playing Kinect validates it being a casual thing.

EVILDEAD3602354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

'Mass 3 using voice commands was useless, most didn't use it.'

Correction..It was useless to YOU..Not me. LMAO @ preteneding that because EVEY gamer that didn't use it matters to the ones that did. Here's a fun fact MOST gamers dont use Move ot Kinect to play the games that each are compatable with. But, it won't take away the OPTION for those that do, no matter what your opninion of it is.

'you bought Tiger 13 last week so Kinect is doing great?'

Newsflash..Kinect has been doing great since launch me buying Tiger doesn't change anytihng. Which ON TOPIC, is the reason why Epic not makinbg a rumored game has zero to do with the success of Kinect.

'I am not sure you buying a yearly sports game in a terribly down year with a terribly down game means hardcore players love it. In fact, you playing Kinect validates it being a casual thing.'

LMAO @ pretending that because a game is a yearly sports title that it less a game that core gamers play? So Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed two of the biggest core franchises out there are any less core because of the time between their release dates.

Once again here are the FACTS, Hardcore gamers are among the millions and millions of gamers that OWN and play Kinect. The same 360 core gamers that went out and made Gears of War 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and Elder Scrolls the biggest core games last year are the some of the same gamers who own and play games on Kinect.

Mass Effect 3 and Tiger Woods are the most recent implementaion of Kinect being used in core experiences.

I bought Tiger 13 for Kinect this year, just like I bought Tiger 12 and Tiger 11 for Move in the last two years.

EA will use Kinect for it top two core sports titles this year Fifa and Madden.

At the end of the day, whether you have experiences that a tailored more for the core such as Gunstringer to Steel Battallion, at the end of the day Kinect is an optional experience that is not for everybody.

But, as always it's those that don't even own the device who complain about it the most.


sikbeta2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

lol @ you people discussing this, Why MS should care about Hardcores not buying kinect, if casuals are doing it anyways?

Money is Money, no matter where it comes from and Money that comes from Kinect is already in MS's Bank Account :P

fr0sty2354d ago

Lol @ evil... "Hardcore" gamers do not care about something that doesn't have any buttons and has up to a half second of input lag. They complain enough about a few milliseconds of lag during their online play, why in the world would they care about flailing their arms around only to see their actions represented on screen a half second later, not even factoring in online lag?

Kinect has uses for hardcore gaming, but unfortunately not any that have yet made use of it in a way that no other setup could do. For instance, Mass Effect 3 using it for voice recognition. Wii could do that, or PS3 with the eye. All it takes is a microphone. We've been doing voice recognition for decades now. I used to use it on my PC in the 90's to call up songs. Even head tracking can be done with 2d cameras.

This isn't to say kinect doesn't have it's place, it obviously does or it wouldn't sell, but it never has and never will be a hardcore gamer's desired item. It's a casual gamer's toy, nothing more.

Outside_ofthe_Box2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )


And why should I care that MS is making money from casual gamers? Should I care that Apple is making a ton of money off of causal gamers too?

People like you make NO sense. You guys always say "why should company X do this for gamers/hardcore gamers/fans when doing Y makes them a ton of money" as if we should care.

Why should I seriously care? Hell, them making a ton of money means they have no excuses not try and have a unique hardcore game that can only be done with kinect. But people like you and Evil will always say MS don't need to that. They are already making a ton money, 360 gamers are always happy, and hardcore gamers always use kinect all the time lol.

EVILDEAD3602354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

LMFAO @ the usual suspects like frosty and Outside coming out to play..

I love this internet ducktale fantasy world where ca small segment of gamers NOW pretend that ALL gamer are EXACTLY alike..simply know why

"Hardcore" gamers do not care about something that doesn't have any buttons and has up to a half second of input lag.'

Too bad millions of 360 gamers prove you wrong. No matter how you spin it..50% of those record Kinect numbers from launch even through that crazy Black Friday were existing 360 gamers. You know..the ones who were hardcore from day one.

Look we get it YOU don't own or like Kinect..but it's laughable how people pretend that they can't fathom that gamers don't enjoy ALL kinds of games..period. It why a billion of us bought and still own Wiis in the first place.

Even better is Outside still trying to pretend all 360 gamers are somehow miserable because he says so. See unlike Outside's CLEARLY false statement I NEVER pretend that ALL hardcore gamers play Kinect ALL the time. I'm just the only one keeping it real. Who on earth would pretend that every gamer likes anything..let alone Kinect. That's like pretending ALL 'hardcore' gamers like EVERY 'hardcore' game released because they are supposedly 'hardcore'.

Once again, the 360 hardcore played the biggest hardcore franchises on the system for over half a decade..but sorry to break it to you..a whole lot of em' own and play games on Kinect. Don't worry's not the end of the can keep pretending the world is flat is though.


Outside_ofthe_Box2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

He's at it again! LOL

You call me a usual suspect and I call you a usual MS defender fair enough huh?

Moving along...

Evil when did I say that ALL 360 gamers are miserable?

And you claim to keep it REAL LMAO? We all know you'll defend MS till the death, but of course you'll deny that too and "pretend" to keep it real.

I didn't literally mean that all 360 gamers are happy, all of them like kinect, etc.

I was just saying that in way to express how you would defend me bringing up the notion that MS should make an actual hardcore title that is exclusive to kinect.

What does "there are hardcore gamers that enjoy all types of games" have to do with anything?

There still aren't any hardcore titles for it and by that I mean exclusive to kinect, don't bring up tacked on game please.

If hardcore gamers aren't buying kinect for hardcore games then kinect is failing to bring a hardcore experience, thus kinect isn't "kinecting" with hardcore gamers, it's just "kinecting" with their casual side, END OF.

***"the 360 hardcore played the biggest hardcore franchises on the system for over half a decade..but sorry to break it to you..a whole lot of em' own and play games on Kinect. Don't worry's not the end of the can keep pretending the world is flat is though."***

This is something you have got to stop doing. You make yourself out to be butthurt that I am making an argument against your comments. Nobody is playing "pretend" here. Except for maybe you since you insist to pretend that other are pretending...

Sheikh Yerbouti2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )


The Kinect and Move needs more varied and in-depth games dedicated to them...which for some translates into hardcore titles. Who bought the system is not in question, but the quality of the games they can support.

The tech for both is cool, and many "hardcore" bought it to check it out. After all a hardcore gamer is much more likely to play a casual game than a casual gamer a hardcore game. However the potential to revolutionize gaming just isn't there when it is only used for voice commands, etc. Sell millions? Sure, but it doesn't mean it is going to be used or move software, unless it hits that rare "casual" gold like a Wii Sports or Dance Central. Otherwise expect low quality shovelware and lots of dust on the Kinect.

Don't be defensive. The EyeToy sold too, and that was used for all of two days in my household. I'm still waiting for something other than Heavy Rain for Move. So it isn't a Microsoft/XBox problem. It is a motion control problem.

That said, I hope MS, Ninty and Sony don't give up on motion controllers. I think they have their place, but only on the periphery. Honestly, with Dance Central in Star Wars and Sorcery being worked on ad infinitum, I don't think either company knows what to do with their respective motion controllers. One day, some dev may give us that hardcore Kinect game, but it doesn't look like it will be Epic.

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Ashunderfire862355d ago

Because it sucks!!! And the only thing that's supposedly hardcore is some on-rail shooting crap!!!

Angrymorgan2355d ago

Kinect needs a nunchuck type controller before it gets my attention......again
Even golf games dnt feel right without a controller. Then again that's available with move and wii and that doesn't interest me either
Bottom line ANY gimmick body/move controls don't work for games I play IMO

BlackTar1872354d ago

@ sikbeta

Bravo bravo I 100% agree.

morkendo232354d ago

Why Isn't Kinect "Kinecting" with Hardcore Gamers?

controllers better than body movement.

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Abash2355d ago

I have no idea. With so many hardcore games for Kinect that arent on-rails and all those games that "Better with Kinect" having the entire experience improved and expanded, Im genuinely baffled why hardcore gamers arent running out to buy it.

Oh wait, Kinect doesnt have any hardcore games nor do the games that support it get any improvements that make it a necessity. Mystery solved.

marioPSUC2355d ago

theres really no games for kinect. Theres even a low amount of casual games for it aswell. And games that have little kinect features aren't that great like looking at a car on Forza 4 or driving a car with the kinect its just easier to use the controller.

If they'd make some good games other than the same stuff you get for the Wii or Move than I'd be more inclined to get one and play but theres not a single Kinect game that I would say I truly want to play.

smashcrashbash2355d ago

The truth is that they don't care. No matter how much people try to convince you otherwise, they don't care. No hardcore gamer would give up their controller for Kinect.The question is 'Why jump around and swing your arms everywhere when you can just pick up the controller and sit down'. So in short hardcore gamers don't care. And to make it worse casual gamers who are used to playing better games then Kinect games don't care either.I am talking about the Mario Kart, Sly Cooper, TMNT 2 type of casual not the play Angry Birds and any dumbed down game type of casual.

Shadonic2355d ago

Funny thing the KinectAddict did a video of him playing tiger woods online with kinect aginst a guy with a controller and was wrecking him with kinect. Once he told him he was using kinect he rage quitted. I think that kinect working depends mostly on 2 main variables space and familiarity with the games controls this is the smae with controllers of course your gonna suck balls at the game if you dont really know how to play.

smashcrashbash2355d ago

That doesn't stop people from not caring. Sales and scores speak for themselves. Look at Child of Eden that was supposed to be what brought the hardcore and haters to Kinect. It barely sold at all and it got many great scores. No one cares about people shouting 'You just suck' or 'Your doing it wrong' or 'turn your head to the side and lift up your arm and it should work 'or just grab a stick to get some physical feedback'.

When people sit down with a controller, it is comfortable and easy. People don't want to have to raise their hand every time they want to throw a grenade or talk to the screen for hours or swaying back and forth just to try and navigate with a car or pretend to walk across down a path.

I know people will hate on me for saying it but unless it is simplistic, Kinect barely works. I have heard people say it, I have watched it in action and I have tried it as well. Maybe the next version will work better but for now hardcore people just really don't care.Deny it all you like but lackluster scores and/or sales for Kinect games are proof how much the gaming community are interested in Kinect. I mean look at this

It couldn't even sell a Sesame game, to children.Children who would ask their parents to buy anything with Elmo or Big Bird on it or in it and it didn't even break a million units and so close to the holidays.

yesmynameissumo2355d ago

Because it adds nothing. Move and the Wii add little as well, but the physical controller does add a level of immersion Kinect simply can't.

Shadonic2355d ago

just grab a stick or something people have been doing it since the kinect first came out im surprised that barely anyone knows this it actully makes it work better too.

Sheikh Yerbouti2353d ago

Forgot about buttons...teh buttonz!! LOL.