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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008 in Las Vegas last night, Sony showed off some new features in LittleBigPlanet and a brief look at how users will create their own levels from scratch.

New additions include new emotions for the game's main characters, little stuffed sackcloth creatures called Sackboys. Click up on the controller's D-pad to make the creature go from straight-faced to smiling, to grinning to deliriously happy, tongue hanging out for emphasis. Click down on the D-pad to turn him into a scowling sourpuss. Sackboy's newfound emotions will also affect his other gestures. He'll shoot the peace sign, Nixon-style, if he's in a good mood and bare his fists if he's in a bad mood.

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lynx1halo3966d ago

now if this isnt one of the damn cutest games ever made........right up there with Kirby

The Killer3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

it looks u will spend hours every day on it without realizing it!!
looking forward for it!!!

go d!e somewhere else but not on us!!
and at least we have fangirls unlike the hardcore 10 years old 360 fanboys whose breakfast is MS PR's and lunch xbox live and dinner is bashing ps3 until u sleep!!

TheExecutive3966d ago

I wonder what it will be used for? Buying more customization tools? More things to add to your world? Different characters? The list is endless.
Imagine some of the amazing downloadable content they will provide us.

jiggyjay3966d ago

so when did Sony Fanboys (i meant Fangirls) become so much more girly! sheesh! this game is gayer than viva pinata!

Shadow Flare3966d ago

Games like LBP are exactly what brings in the casual market and rockets ps3 sales. Microsoft has NOTHING that appeals to the casual market like sony and nintendo have and thats why they fail. The single reason that xbox 360 attracts mainly the hardcore crowd is why they will never outsell the ps3. You think microsoft would have learnt that with xbox 1

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TheExecutive3966d ago

This game is looking stunning. So much to do! I love the fact that the eggs have extra stuff in there. Its a nice touch to a great looking game. I wonder if there will be a single player campaign or just user created content?

Either way this game is looking amazing.

TheExecutive3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I wonder how moving back and forward will work... its no longer the 2-d scroller I thought it was. I liked how you can create a tree out of a "y". It looks as though we will really be able to create whatever we want. I also like the fact of putting ratings on the user created content... I dont quite know how it will work but its a good idea to give us as much FREEDOM as possible.

This game could be for the MOD community what MGS was for the stealth-action genre...

RIPHDDVD3966d ago

on 360. hahahaha all of their games look the same. mass effect = shooting RPG, bioshock = shooter, halo 3 = shooter, gears of war = shooter. looooool. no variety. just shows how many stupid americans there out there with dumb taste in games

TheExecutive3966d ago

No reason to bring the 360 into this... none at all. Quit being a fanboy and become a gamer.

GIJeff3966d ago

america into this. My country is better than your country. deal with it.

liquidsnake3966d ago

But he is right you know...about the variety on xbox. All of their top notch games are something involved with shooting. It's sad really.

Skerj3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Hell yeah, I hope they have a "f*** yo couch!!" emotion for my Rick James Sackboi. I am also making Optimus Prime, a Hobo, Macgyver, and a Cybertron level. I wonder if we'll be able to use our own music for stage backgrounds, if so I have a ton of devious ideas.

TheHater3966d ago

Thunder Cats...WTF???? I want to create a Thunder Cats level and characters

kurochi3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

A-team and Airwolf levels..... maybe I'll even throw in a Charles in Charge levels also......
Actually, I'll be throwing in a Ron Jeremy, Peter North and Randy West pineapple eating contest level..... LOL

Skerj3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Dude like last July my friends and I were going to lunch and for some reason we started talking about Airwolf. Then I say "dude f*** Airwolf, the helicopter didn't even talk so KITT beats it" then we park at the mall and this black helicopter lands on the other side of the parking lot at the SAME time, Airwolf was watching me.

But yeah we should make like 80s live action world in LBP, complete with leather bomber jackets, KITT, the A-Team Van, AirWolf (boo!!), Charles in Charge (like you said), with like Dio and Highway To The Danger Zone playing in the background. Mr. Belvedere could be a boss, or maybe just a giant prop to get to a higher area in the level. He'll shout "Weeeeesleeeeeeeeey" when you get near him and throw you somewhere too.

In order to be in your sackboy has to have at least one of the following:
Checkered shoes
Piano Necktie
Leather Jacket
A shirt with an upturned collar (extra points if it's a polo shirt, more points if it's pink)
Flock of Seagulls hair
Poofy bangs

More stuff that will come to me later on. After we're done with 80s world, time to move on to the awesome of the early 90s with Saved By the Bell and MC Hammer.

Keowrath3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

ROFL Skerj! Bubbles mate! I saw the "f*** yo couch!!" sketch recently. You'll also need a "I'm Rick James Bish!" emote after you beat people!

I can't wait to see your character!

I was thinking of making a Solid Sackboy or a Guts the beserker Sackboy meself, need either a rediculously long bandana or a sword that is twice the size of the character.

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