Australian Gamer - Silent Hill HD Collection

AustralianGamer - "Sarge checks out the latest title to get the HD facelift, in one of the most well-loved horror franchises of all time, Silent Hill..."

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jc485732362d ago

ps3 version does not deserve this score.

STONEY42361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

None of them do. The graphics are worse then the original versions. The only difference with the consoles is that the PS3 has bad stuttering issues. They're both terrible ports.

Plus, the radio and breathing sound effects are now terrible, and certain sounds in parts of the game are completely missing.

It's also not a "Oh, well the graphics just didn't transition well to HD", because I have both Silent Hill 2 and 3 on PC and they look perfect. Whoever did the port went around removing effects, redoing textures and removing the intentional rust and decay, making most of the colors dull and brown, getting rid of 90% of the fog, messing with sound effects, and killing the atmosphere.

For Silent Hill 3, just look at this.

_LarZen_2361d ago

The PS2 version look's better. This "new" version is crap!