OXM: The six most evil, hateful gaming time limits

OXM's Log writes: "Developers! Are you looking for a way to spice up your video game? A way to make the action more gripping, thrilling, tense, and all the other words that people tend to use about HBO drama instead of video games? Well, have you considered imposing a time limit? Nothing adds a sense of jeopardy to an otherwise dull game like slapping on a timer. If you think queueing is dull, just imagine a queue when you're running late! That's how thrill-enhancing time limits are, and here are a few of our most notable unfavourites."

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VanillaBear2360d ago

I hated the Dead Rising time limit, it rushes you to finish the game and yet the game is a sandbox where you can have fun.

What about people who like to do a main mission, mess around, do a side mission, mess around, do one more side mision then return to the main can't in Dead Rising, it's one or the other. I mean yeah you can restart and have didn't save games but theres people who like to do everything in that one save.

I thought DR2 would fix that but they didn't.....whats the point of sandbox style games if you include a time limit.

arjman2360d ago

I hate the one in Simpsons Hit and Run where you had to collect the monkeys in the pickup truck

Valenka2360d ago

I Am Alive's stamina meter was absolutely horrendous. Glad to see someone else thinks so as well.

TheModernKamikaze2360d ago

Dead Rising 2 was awesome but I wished there was no time limit.