Epic Games is developing a PC-exclusive shooter

DSOGaming writes: "Exciting times everyone. After Bleszinski’s thoughts about Epic Games’ future shooters – and his desire to return to their roots, both Mike Capps and Bleszinski revealed at PAX East that Epic Games is developing a PC exclusive title. Yeap, you read that right. Epic Games is currently developing a PC-exclusive game."

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NYC_Gamer2240d ago

Will Epic make proper use of the PC hardware though?

enfestid2240d ago

Because they're so known for not pushing graphical boundaries, right?

GamingPerson2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

don't get to excited yet.. They could be cashing in on facebook. like ubisoft is.
Don't expect big budget game & what ever it is I will probably have an iphone version. Besides I am not giving them credit until I see a good pc game.. It's been 5+ years since they made a proper pc game. They make a great engine but as game creators they are nothing extra ordinary.

we will see though.

StayStatic2240d ago

Unreal Tournament 4 ? :D , hmmm interesting some to keep an eye on wonder what it will be :)

john22240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Don't want to get everyone excited but back in Unreal Engine 3 tech demos, we were getting characters that were then used in Gears of War. Given that the Samaritan was made and was showcased on the PCs, there is a possibility for such a game.

Still, this seems too good to be true and I'm afraid that we might get a F2P shooter or a casual game (or a browser version of Unreal Tournament)

NYC_Gamer2240d ago

I agree,its gonna be some f2p title or some casual piece of garbage...

STONEY42240d ago

With every release of a new Unreal Engine, Epic's showcase game is an Unreal Tournament game. So I wouldn't be too surprised if that happened.

Soldierone2240d ago

I hope not. They did so many things right with it on PS3. I can understand the visual needs on PC and the whole push for a new generation from them, but I don't want to be stripped of a game for it.....

UT3 on PS3 had full mouse and keyboard, cross platform play, mods, and the full experience that PC players had....then COD got popular and that whole innovation and route was completely thrown out the door.

kevnb2240d ago

they can make a completely different type of experience with a pc exclusive... its not like you wont have uncharted.

GamingPerson2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

a game like counter strike would not be the same on ps3 & 360. the crowd is different than pc. hopefully this will prevent the game from being casual.

Even updating it causes a problem.

Soldierone2239d ago

The game wasn't casual thats what I'm saying. It bridged the gap. I've played every single UT and UT3 was no different than the others. Even the others were put on console in some way.

Like I said uT3 bridged the gap. It had mouse and keyboard, cross platform play, and even mods. PC was not getting restricted AT ALL so I don't understand the issue.

GamingPerson2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

that would be to perfect! ut 4 on unreal engine 4 needs to be pc only! Plus UE4 will be revealed this year! I just hope Epic are serious about pc..

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GraveLord2240d ago

Will most likely be ported to next-gen consoles.
This is EPIC we're talking about. They never turn down money. They made it very clear they will continue making games for tablets/smartphones.

JellyJelly2240d ago

Is it a bad thing that they make games for tablets/handhelds?

And what's wrong with porting it to next gen consoles?

Epic usually deliver great games with high quality single-player, co-op and multiplayer. And amazing graphics to boot.

You make it sound as if they're like Activision or something.

IRetrouk2240d ago

What? Did you play gears 1 2 or 3? Story's were mediocre at best, gameplay was fun as hell in all three but host advantage sucked, gears 3 online is better but there's still issues with it, not even gonna get started on unreal t 3. There record is patchy at best

Soldierone2240d ago

I have to disagree with the single player comment. UT3 single player was honestly terrible had no story or point to it, just a reason to toss all the game modes together with a random cutscene here and there.

Gears is alright, but its not mind blowing. If you ask me the single player experience in those isn't great until you play all 3.

I do agree with their high quality style of games, just not the single player comment. Its the one thing they should really work on.

Kingdom Come2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Yeah, this is Epic, the guys who made the Gears of War franchise exclusive to Xbox 360 (Original was Ported to PC by People Can Fly).

Btw GraveLord, you're the biggest Pro-Sony Fanboy on this site at the moment, so it's only natural for you to be anti-Epic Games...

enfestid2240d ago

A. They've already said it will be PC-exclusive.
B. Well, of course they like making money and will continue making games for tablets and smartphones. Why wouldn't they?

Soldierone2240d ago

They also said UT3 was exclusive to PS3....and that didn't last long, they sent a stripped down version to 360.

They were also porting Gears to PC until MS paid the little extra money to make it stop.

1nsomniac2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Think of the amount of money they have made over the last generation especially. There certainly not short of cash & can now easily afford to splash out on a few extra's.

There going to want to promote there engine over the other recent big engines i.e. Cryengine,Frostbite etc. So creating a showcase game would make sense to show what the engine could be capable of looking like on a possible next gen console. Claiming the number 1 console engine choice for developers again.

Rampaged Death2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Unreal Tournament lmao !!

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