PSP games to look for in 2008

PSP Fanboy:

"The PSP's revival continues in 2008. Millions of gamers have a new Sony handheld, and they want games! In the next few pages, we will attempt to highlight some of our most anticipated games of 2008. But watch out! Many of these dates are tentative and can fall into (cue dramatic music) 2009."

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Farsendor13996d ago

i wont be buying any of those don't like hand held systems ds psp gba sp

name3996d ago

I think the PSP's "revival" is due to it previously being ahead of it's time. You'd have thought that back in the PS2 days, people would have been clammering to play something that looked almost as good as it does anywhere they wanted. But people are a bit intimated by that. Not so much anymore though. Silent Hill origins is great and I can't wait for god of war and crisis core. I need to pick up wipeout as well.

PS360WII3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Volemort you are missing out man. Handhelds are great! I'll be getting some of these PSP games. Pursuit Force, Patapon, Wild Arms XF, God of War, and Crisis Core.

DS even has some good ones coming out what with Ninja Gaiden, Advance Wars, Assassin's Creed, Professor Layton, and FF Crystal Chronicals.

Good times for handhelds

Chaos Striker3996d ago

Definitely looking forward to Patapon, God of War, and Crisis Core.