Resident Evil is now Rubbish?

Growing up with Resident Evil allowed me to witness its progression as a franchise and a survival horror videogame. But not a lot of people appreciate the classic Resident Evil mechanics since Resident Evil 4 was released, unless of course, you are a ‘true’ fan of Resident Evil, or you just have a knack for funky camera angles.

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thetrugamer2265d ago

Yeah it's has been going downhill since RE4, when Crapcom decided to turn it into an action game.

Virtual_Reality2265d ago

Also because Shinji Mikami (the creator of Resident Evil) left Capcom after RE4 was released.
It went to downhill as a Survival Horror game.

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richierich2265d ago

I agree with you It used to be an amazing survival horror experience now its a third person shooter and a very weak third person shooter at that. RE2 on PS1 was a revolutionary game. Just think how awesome Resident Evil would be on the current gen consoles if these games were still survival horror.

LOGICWINS2265d ago

Was playing RE5 yesterday. Love it. Code Veronica and RE5 are my two favorites.

ShaunCameron2265d ago

I wanted RE5 in my collection but due to the controls I couldn't really get into it. Couldn't get into not being able to move while shooting.

LOGICWINS2265d ago

It didn't really bother me personally, I just adapted. It's a great action game IMO. Easily the best co-op entertainment you can have with PS Move.

But if you can't get used to not being able to move while shooting, then I wouldn't recommend it to you.

cjflora2265d ago

So you must not have liked any of the RE games since you've never been able to run and shoot?

MissAubrey2265d ago

because all resident evil games before 5 let you do that huh?

Rampaged Death2265d ago

It's not rubbish at all but it's lost it's horror aspect.

mcstorm2265d ago

I agree. I did not think 5 was that good but i love t
Resedient evil revlations on the 3ds.

NeXXXuS2265d ago

It's been crap ever since 5

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The story is too old to be commented.