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Submitted by Pozzle 1406d ago | opinion piece

Top 10 hardest unlockables in video games

SA writes: Welcome to my list of the top 10 hardest unlockables in video game history! (Brutal Legend, PC, PS3, Retro, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twisted Metal 2, Wii, Xbox 360)

Jio  +   1406d ago
Gaming at it's finest, I miss the old days when games made the player think and didn't make everything obvious or DLC. Now everything is right in front of the player and there are no secrets or cheats or anything that made gaming fun.
Gamer1982  +   1405d ago
totally agree and thats why games are a shadow of there former self DLC killed gaming or at least most of it. You do get the odd gem now and then but you have to go through a lot of crap games to find them.
rogimusprime  +   1405d ago
Try leveling up thanatos in "Chaos Legion" to maximum strength. The game is cake once you do it, but until then..... agony
Gaming101  +   1405d ago
This list forgot the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4 from getting 5 stars on all levels with all 5 characters.
Also beating dead space 2 on hardcore difficulty just to get a hand phoam thing that you can use to kill monsters with, the only sound being Isaac saying "bang" with his mouth to fire it, that was stupid. The hardest difficulty in that game was ridiculous only being able to save 3 times, with no checkpoints.
RedDead  +   1405d ago
Darks souls bro...I didn't even know about that hidden lake place(with the Dragon clan in it) in my first playthrough
jocomat9  +   1406d ago
enjoyed reading it.
Dropdeadll  +   1405d ago
Youtube also helps unlocking/ finding stuff
Shmotz  +   1405d ago
TM2 was so awesome to find stuff in. I remember a cheat code being hidden in Moscow if you hit one of the banners with a napalm only to watch it burn and slowly reveal a code.
Infernostew  +   1405d ago
Most of these are not hard unlockables to get. I mean, some of them would be tough to figure out without the internet or game guides but not really hard.
TheLastGuardian  +   1405d ago
I never knew that's how you unlocked Sweet Tooth in TM2. I didn't even know it was a playable vehichle until I looked up TM2 codes online.
-MD-  +   1405d ago
Are you serious?
TheLastGuardian  +   1404d ago
How was I supposed to know? I was just a kid. I have fallen off the building in New York and saw the code, but that was after I'd already looked up the codes online.
Petebloodyonion  +   1405d ago
F-Zero Gamecube the arcade tracks.
Just play the damn chapter mode to understand.
Here's a classical post to let you remember

Dear Nintendo:

Seriously, I am jumping up and down and throwing my poo poo in handfuls at the loving television in some impotent primal effort to get the thing to work. I have been sitting here trying to enjoy your product - YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR GAME, YOUR CONTRACT BETWEEN DEVELOPER AND CONSUMER THAT THE CONSUMER WILL ENJOY YOUR PRODUCT - but instead the drat thing's been crawling out of the console and taking warm shits in my gaping mouth. Swear to god, you should have just added a little door to the console through which a hand pops out and flips me off, because I am insulted that your QA or testers or whatever brainless shitstove three genes short of a monkey FAGNUT signs your games through thought that a person with more than a single loving digit IQ could enjoy Story Mode Chapter 7. INSULTED.

WORK WITH ME HERE: The goal's simple enough! Come in first! Hey, that's fine, it's just like playing the grand loving prix; not a problem! Only deal is your cross-eyed team of tongue-slapping wunderkind decided to give the game every single loving advantage possible TO THE GAME rather than me.

How in the gently caress does Black Shadow - whose car is the heaviest and lamest piece of poo poo next to the Crazy Bear - suddenly become SO loving GOOD that he can stay in first without using a drop of boost? Huh!? Why!? You never see this shithead anywhere near the top loving 20 in a normal race. BUT HO HO HO THIS TIME HE'S MEGA-COCK, THE FASTEST enjoyable human being IN THE WORLD. 1.21 GIGAWATTS MARTY, LET'S GO BACK TO THE loving FUTURE.

But it's not just Black Shadow with the magical powers, it's the entire loving lineup of racers! THEY'RE ALL FASTER THAN YOU. AND DON'T REQUIRE ANY BOOST.

But but but I of course, am still driving some piece of poo poo hamster-powered jalopy who guzzles it's entire energy bar in no less than four loving boosts! Add to this the entire course just got shitted on by some retarded space tiki volacano god and you've got a course full of hazards that'll drain at least 1/4 of your energy bar JUST BECAUSE IT CAN. WHOOPIE.

HURRR, you say. THAT'S JUST THE CHALLENGE. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY. Well gently caress that noise, you lopsided frankenfaced fuckfurter.

Tell me, please, why does the GAME have to win? Huh? What happens when the game wins and I lose? Is there some huge loving kegger waiting for it when it gets done? Is there money involved? Or perhaps the motives are more sinister. Maybe the game's family is being held hostage by another game and that game has it's cock in F-Zero's wife's mouth and he's holding a cell phone up to her and F-Zero can hear her pained moans and cries for help and the rear end in a top hat game then says, "You beat that cock-sucking human, or I'll blow her brains out." I COULD UNDERSTAND THAT. I CAN BE SYMPATHETIC.

It's not any fun if I can't win, you faggots. I want to move on. I want to unlock whatever piece of poo poo clown car you have hidden away from me so I can start racing and get pissed off with that too. When your game prevents me from fully enjoying the product I have bought you have failed in your loving mission to deliver a game. You lose! You break the contract! You contract the gay and loving DIE DIE DIE.
Genki  +   1405d ago
Cool Editorial
This is what gaming needs to return to; tangible unlockables that the player can use to actually enhance the experience somehow. I don't get the fascination with gamerscore and trophies lately...they get you nothing in the end.

Every trophy, achievement, milestone, or whatever equivalent should come with some sort of corresponding accessory, character, or asset that you can use in the game. Hell, not even in game, start giving us backgrounds, Avatar skins, behind the scenes vids, whatever. Doesn't even have to be interactive content, just as long as it's something I can use or watch as opposed to some arbitrary number that just keeps tallying higher and higher.

I'm not saying get rid of gamerscore...hey more power to you if thats your thing, but the whole idea could easily be broadened and implemented in a more rewarding, interactive way.
MidnightSpecial  +   1405d ago
A few games have made the effort to offer extra things as rewards - cutscenes, avatar items and gamer pics spring to mind - and its really cool when they do. I agree that there should be more of this, and more inventivness. The current gen and certainly the next gen is ripe for this kind of reward system
NarooN  +   1405d ago
I miss games that had tons of hidden easter eggs and unlockables that you had to have skill and/or creative thinking to obtain.

Syphon Filter 2: Just to unlock some cool multiplayer maps, you had to somehow find a way into a room and open a box. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, except every enemy in this stage is wearing fully body-armor, and none of your current weapons can do anything to anyone on the map. So you had two options: Try to barge into this room thru the front-door and get your brains blown out by four guys who ambush you, or make it through the entire map, find the correct hidden air vent (there's a billion on the stage), then go in and get the box this way (which is way safer since if you go in thru the front door, you have to climb a platform before you can get the box).

Man, those were the days.

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