Top 10 hardest unlockables in video games

SA writes: Welcome to my list of the top 10 hardest unlockables in video game history!

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Jio2238d ago

Gaming at it's finest, I miss the old days when games made the player think and didn't make everything obvious or DLC. Now everything is right in front of the player and there are no secrets or cheats or anything that made gaming fun.

Gamer19822238d ago

totally agree and thats why games are a shadow of there former self DLC killed gaming or at least most of it. You do get the odd gem now and then but you have to go through a lot of crap games to find them.

rogimusprime2237d ago

Try leveling up thanatos in "Chaos Legion" to maximum strength. The game is cake once you do it, but until then..... agony

Gaming1012237d ago

This list forgot the Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4 from getting 5 stars on all levels with all 5 characters.
Also beating dead space 2 on hardcore difficulty just to get a hand phoam thing that you can use to kill monsters with, the only sound being Isaac saying "bang" with his mouth to fire it, that was stupid. The hardest difficulty in that game was ridiculous only being able to save 3 times, with no checkpoints.

RedDead2237d ago

Darks souls bro...I didn't even know about that hidden lake place(with the Dragon clan in it) in my first playthrough

Dropdeadll2238d ago

Youtube also helps unlocking/ finding stuff

Shmotz2237d ago

TM2 was so awesome to find stuff in. I remember a cheat code being hidden in Moscow if you hit one of the banners with a napalm only to watch it burn and slowly reveal a code.

Infernostew2237d ago

Most of these are not hard unlockables to get. I mean, some of them would be tough to figure out without the internet or game guides but not really hard.

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