The Witcher 2 Xbox360 install size revealed

If you didn't already know, The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition will make its way to Xbox 360 on two discs on April 17.

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Hellsvacancy2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Nor can i, thats why i hope it comes to the PS3 (nothin fanboy about that) i like RPGs

NYC_Gamer2322d ago

Hope it does come to the PS3....great games deserve to be shared within the whole gaming community regardless of platform....

Darkspade2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

not to get your hopes up (see Image), but it would be nice to see this great game on all Platforms

vikingland12322d ago

The first thing I do with a new game is install it to the 360's HDD. The people that have the 4GB 360 are SOL.

NYC_Gamer2322d ago

How are they out of luck?owners of the 4gb console are not forced to install the game...

vikingland12322d ago

did you not read the artical? it will be a better experience installed to the HDD. Any one that plays games knows this. And yes it will be playable with out installing it to the HDD. But I can allready hear the complaints about loading times and framerate issuse from the people that can't or just don't install it to the HDD.NO OFFENCE MENT PEACE fellow gamer.

Laxman2322d ago

They are out of luck becuase they dont have that option. Its not forcing you, its giving you the option for a better (ie, faster, smoother) experience.

JaredH2322d ago

You really think when you don't install games on the hard drive it automatically means that there's going to be very long load times, frame rate issues and other performance drops? To the point of complaining too? Yes hard drive installs do improve the performance but it doesn't mean the game's going to be garbage if you don't. Remember that the opposite happened with Skyrim at first...

Tai_Kaliso2322d ago

I have a 320 gig HDD with my Gears Of War themed Xbox 360 and I rarely install any games and never have any issues. One of the things I like about using the Xbox 360 is the fact that there aren't mandatory installs.

I'd rather switch 5 disks than install games for an hour before even being able to play through it.

That being said, cant wait till this game comes out, I'm getting it for sure. Had it reserved for months now.
Just hope the developers aren't too busy with their next games to keep updates coming to this one!

Dlacy13g2322d ago

Well good news for all... Installing full games like an ME3 doesnt take an hour... It's a fraction of that to be honest. I think ME3 took about 10min max per disc

gcolley2322d ago

no game has ever taken an hour for me. i load it up and install it as soon as i walk in the door. go do some stuff and it is ready. i remember loading games on a damn tape drive on c64, you kids got it easy.

krazykombatant2322d ago

ehhhhh looks like I'll have to clean out my HDD for this..... only have the 20gb hdd soo i'll have to get rid of whatever I don't use anymore

_Aarix_2322d ago

Or just not install it...

krazykombatant2322d ago

Better experience if you install it.. Besides I don't really have that many games worth keeping on that HDD. If this game truly is as worth as people say then yeah I think i'll install it.

Jazz41082319d ago

I think he's refering to the ps3. The reason the ps3 does not offer full installs on games is because they would take an hour easy. The 360 does full game instals in 3 to 8 minutes. I have purchased many games on ps3 where partial installs that at manadatry take much longer yet people complain about the time it takes to switch a disc but its ok to wait 100 times longer to mandatory install as this is just my personal opinion of using and owning both ps3 and 360. On topic. Can't wait for this game. Its allready purchased and day 1 for me. Love me some great rpgs from a great dev.

paddystan2322d ago

Orderer a new gaming PC for the game a couple of days ago. :) I already have a good gaming PC, but Battlefield 3 and Witcher 2 is lagging on it, so I bought a new one. Can't wait to play with ubersampling enabled. :D

Rampaged Death2322d ago

I'll be installing both. Can't wait for this and it has a chance to be one of my favourite games of the year.