Rumour Round-up Marathon!

Nintendo Enthusiast takes a look at all the Nintendo-related rumours which have surfaced between January and April this year...


Buckle-up Enthusiasts! It’s our first Rumour Round-up since January! Time to don our common-sense hats as we examine the latest Nintendo rumours, and separate fact from fan-boy wet-dream…

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PopRocks3592356d ago

Finally. Rumors that actually matter and actually hold some water.

sknygy2356d ago

excluding the Lady Gaga one? :)

mike1up2356d ago

I hope that the Unreal 4 rumor is true.

PopRocks3592356d ago

There is an interview with Epic's Mark Rein. He said that Unreal 4 could theoretically be downscaled to run on Wii U just as Unreal 3 could be downscaled for 360/PS3.

shackdaddy2356d ago

Epic already said wiiu runs something like UE 3.9. So it definitely could be true...