Digital Foundry: What Went Wrong with Silent Hill HD?

In the past, we've raised concerns about the lack of effort being put into some of these HD ports. Sometimes the quality of the original assets just isn't good enough for an HD presentation, while on other occasions the original games have simply aged very, very badly and simply can't compete with modern games. With titles like the recently released Devil May Cry: HD Collection, there's the sense that very little effort has gone into the conversion work and the games simply deserved better treatment. But with Silent Hill HD, we see something arguably worse: a port that doesn't play as well as the original games.

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ritsuka6662319d ago

is a buggy mess SH "HD"

Konami has thoroughly lost its mind in Silent Hill franchise. It can't even do Silent Hill 2 right anymore.

DigitalAnalog2319d ago

I understand "cash-grab" but for gods sake please do it right!

_LarZen_2318d ago

They should be ashamed....

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