Capcom Tells BBB Pair-Play For Xbox 360 Was Never Advertised

Gaming Blend "Capcom has officially responded to the second set of Better Business Bureau complaints regarding the missing co-op feature for the Xbox 360, and they say that it was never advertised to begin with."

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Snookies122362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Oh my god! Haha, so they rape 360 players by not letting them use a feature that SHOULD have been included in EVERY version of the game. Then say it will NEVER be patched in. After that, they say they cannot offer refunds for the game, but they will give you a wonderful "30% off a game from the Capcom store!!!" You've gotta be joking... This is a joke right? No company can be this inconsiderate and money hungry....

I don't have an Xbox anymore, but that is just wrong to do to people who have a 360. Capcom deserves to go down as far as I'm concerned, at this point their company obviously no longer gives a shit about your happiness with one of their games as long as they can make more than 80 dollars off you in DLC and disc content.

gaminglives2362d ago

I despise when corporations are allowed to get away with crap like this, purely by creating their own loopholes thanks to cleverly-produced advertising. If they knew it wouldn't have it as standard, they should have printed it clearly on the front of the box and any related marketing material.

rjgbyrne2362d ago

Both Cody and Guy were in trailers before the game released. BBB should impose a very large fine and demand a free unlock for the game. Capcom need to learn this business practice will not be tolerated but also fined very harshly so they won't try it again. A full refund should be offered to all who bought the game and/or a DLC patch. Only in America do companies like Capcom get meaningful fines for bad practices and I hope they are punished for trying to punish the hackers for exposing their bad business. I hope justice is served to them on an international level and if the EU isn't doing a similar investigation they should!

aDDicteD2362d ago

i agree, well said there

Persistantthug2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

BBB can 'bad mouth' a business....they can also call media groups on said business....they may be able to get in touch with a few senators or lawmakers.....but the BBB has no true direct power.

rjgbyrne2361d ago

It draws attention to bad business practices From a US standpoint. It will take a rich gamer to pay for a court case or a Class Action against Capcom and it will be done. The more I think about what they have done the more my blood boils for ever having bought a Capcom game. Unfortunately if we all just take it every other company will just take advantage... Turning gaming into an expensive subscription service. It's bad enough choosing the right platform for a game you want, let alone one that will not allow these scrupulous dealings. If valve release a console I am there, at least they have morals, do far they have fought for gamers not wallet raped us.

Mirrikh2362d ago

According to Capcom they didn't have the time or resources to add this feature, I guess because they were busy finishing the dlc in time to get it on the disc.

Unbelievable, core features dropped to get dlc on the disc. Thanks Capcom x

catfrog2361d ago

core type features are dropped from every game, its a platform dependency, some platforms take more optimization than others because some have more processing time. the AI for instance, in pretty much every game is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

its a common practice in all software development fields, if you wanted this to stop youre out of luck, its going to keep happening. capcom made the right move here and didnt take it out of both versions, instead opting to give a better experience to the platform that needed less optimization to make it a reality.

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