RaiderZ Opens for Beta Registrations

Over the last few weeks community leaders from all over Europe were invited by videogame publisher Frogster to join the alpha test for its newest title, RaiderZ. It’s now time for the monster-hunting massively multiplayer online (MMO) videogame to look forward and to get ready for the launch of the beta, with the public registrations now underway.

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ATi_Elite2290d ago

Dam i totally forgot about this game! SO much stuff coming out for the PC I can't keep up!

RaiderZ is an action MMORPG like Vindictus!

Check out the video!

Lucretia2290d ago

i almost forgot about it too. To bad vindictus slowed down on their releases, i used to love it :(

I need a new battery for my laptop in order to play anything lol. to cheap to do it