Less Xbox 720 and PS4 red tape, not for gamers

InEnt writes: Gamers have gotten used to waiting a little longer for DLC and patches on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which is thanks to extra control Microsoft and Sony put on content for their systems. This has been very noticeable for Skryim, which could see a patch release on PC and then take up to 2 weeks to land on consoles. It seems what developers and fans want from the so-called Xbox 720 and PS4 couldn’t be more different.

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danswayuk2293d ago

There will always be bugs in games, but I do feel some developers are happy to patch more later than should be the case.

BDSE2292d ago

I dunno they could just get the game right first time round with some proper QA, crazy how that sounds.

catfrog2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

pretty soon all we're going to get are $60 pre orders for games that are half developed and if the game doesnt get enough pre orders it'll never get the patches to make it playable and everyone who pre ordered will be out $60

i mean, imagine if skyrim didnt sell many copies on the ps3: it would have never gotten an update to the gamebreaking memory issues that it had and all the people who bought it would have had a broken game.

these kinds of release and then patch it to make it work development shenanigans have to stop, its ridiculous