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Sticky Trigger writes: "Ridge Racer is Namco’s prominent racing series, having donned almost every major console since the early 90’s, as well as a strong Arcade presence and various handheld and mobile devices. To say the least, Ridge Racer is huge; it’s got a cult loyal fanbase as well as being widely received due to its rather extensive history and appearances. But Unbounded is different. It’s taken a slightly different approach to the whole series rather primary gameplay, and has seemingly borrowed from a handful of other sources in an attempt to craft its own identity. But what Unbounded hasn’t managed to do, is translate this identity into something worth playing."

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KyRo2356d ago

Looking for hits much? The game is one of the best arcade racers in a while. The last one I enjoyed was Split Second which was criminally underrated.

Laxman2356d ago

Split/Second wasnt underrated, it was critically very successful. It just didnt sell well becuase it was released on the same day as Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake and Prince of Persia.

But this game, no. I thoroughly didnt enjoy it, and am a big racing fan through and through. I dont rate things based on what others are rating them or to look for hits. I rate them on thier own merits, of which I found very lacking in this game.

Awesome_Gamer2356d ago

i'm sorry but this game is medicore at best.. even if i dont agree with the article i still think it doesnt deserve anything higher than 6

pucpop2356d ago

Mediocre? Haaaaa it only got a 9 from Edge. Wake up + smell the java ...gonna get this once it hits platinum.