Kotaku - Far Cry 3’s Multiplayer Mode Fails To Impress

Kotaku - Far Cry 3 is a game I'm very much looking forward to. But a few 10-minute multiplayer bursts from publisher Ubisoft's upcoming open-world first-person shooter didn't inspire the same feelings.

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59Martins592321d ago

Not a surprise really, I haven't played the game but from what I saw I wan't impressed either, but this doesn't worry me to be honest, I will buy Far Cry 3 for the singleplayer, if the multiplayer sucks I won't mind, but I bet that in the end it will be good.

One thing that I didn't like to read was the comments made in the article about the controls, I don't know if the writer was talking about movement only, and I seriously hope they were because in Far Cry 2 the imput lag and the lack of sensivity in the controls were awful, not only on the PS3 but on the 36 also.

GamingPerson2321d ago

good! They should stop being like cod..
but it will sell million anyway.

Kingdom Come2321d ago

Funny, I've heard nothing but good feedback...

Silly gameAr2321d ago

Same here. Joystiq can't stop praising Far Cry 3's MP.

portugamer2321d ago

is it just me or kotaku is becoming a source i don't really trust a lot. gamespot was the first on my black list, for their anti sony behaviour. then, edge, with their 3/10 scores for most reviews. famitsu, it's a great joke.


arbitor3652321d ago

kotaku loves to bash western games while praising JRPGs that get metascores in the 50-65 range over here. They arent really a trusted source for reviews

FinaLXiii2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

who cares! kokatu only gets attention because its a gametrailers partner.

never heard of kotaku before gametrailers partnership.

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