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Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 31st Mar 2012


3DS - 234,109 (+11%)
PS3 - 147,356 (0%)
X360 - 106,837 (-2%)
Wii - 74,605 (-3%)
PSV - 71,155 (-8%)
PSP - 39,080 (-11%)
DS - 27,615 (-5%)


1: (3DS) Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - 210,859
2: (3DS) Kid Icarus: Uprising - 117,674
3: (X360) Mass Effect 3 - 115,137
4: (PS3) Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012 - 89,326
5: (PS3) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - 88,365
6: (X360) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - 85,509
7: (X360) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 80,887
8: (Wii) Just Dance 3 - 75,853
9: (PS3) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM Generations - 74,527
10: (X360) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - 73,962 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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LX-General-Kaos  +   987d ago
Congratulations to Nintendo and the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console for the complete domination of the worldwide weekly charts. Nintendo gamers worldwide have spoken with their wallets for what they believe to be a supreme gaming experience like no other.

It has been proven yet again that hard work and AAA quality exclusive content pays the bills. All of the hard working ladies and gentlemen at Nintendo HQ must be proud of the results of their hard work and dedication. The momentum behind Nintendo has been very strong as of late and we hope to see the movement continue well into the future. As long as Nintendo continue to provide world class exclusive experiences, we as Nintendo supporters will continue to support Nintendo consoles.

It has been a long bumpy road for the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console to get to this point. Facing stiff competition in the handheld sector, but managed to pull through to an outstanding victory once again. Its good to see Nintendo running strong and maintaining healthy sales figures on the charts.

Nintendos competition did pretty good as well. Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone
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jessupj  +   987d ago
Can I have what your smoking?
CarlitoBrigante  +   987d ago
Without Japan 3DS would be at nr5
Instigator  +   986d ago
Hardly an argument, don't you think. It's like saying without Japan the X360 would wipe the floor with the PS3, but that wouldn't fly with you, would it?
wenaldy  +   987d ago
Rated A for Annoying
Stove  +   987d ago
KingOptimus101  +   986d ago
Jesus Christ what is wrong with you its like you praise nintendo as your God. Its like you have a nintendo STD and it just keeps burning of nintendo fanboyism.
dark-hollow  +   986d ago
remember boys, only Sony as* kissing is allowed here.
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KingOptimus101  +   986d ago
Remember dark-hollow, only nintendick riding is allowed.
Instigator  +   986d ago
It's going a little far for all camps, in my opinion. It only serves to damage the image of either fandom.
dark-hollow  +   987d ago
Wow top in both hardware and software.
torchic  +   987d ago
all round good numbers. with more software the Vita will only get stronger.
sikbeta  +   987d ago
Vita is going down no matter what, I said that from day one, but no! I was just a hater hating on the hated PSV :P

Sony better focus in PlayStation Suit that can reach to every tablet and smartphone owner out there rather than go for a dedicated gaming handheld
Dante112  +   986d ago
Looks like the Ps3 dominated the 360 again WW. Great sales all around though.
bothebo  +   986d ago
The Vita will only get better. I mean come on, yes it's struggling but it hasn't really got any third party support yet. I think once more developers develop for it, it will take off. Resistance will help and so will Little Big Planet.
SammyPegs  +   986d ago
Well it will have to really because if it gets any worse....DAMN!
TheUnbiasedLion  +   986d ago
Best selling game was KH:3D and it's only out in japan. Pretty impressive.
Slightly dissapointed with the vita though.
360 took a bit of a dip
Ps3 mist consistent
3DS is great and kids and adults a like are lapping it up :)

Most important though is this is just speculation and guessing.
nevin1  +   986d ago
A price drop did wonders for 3DS.
ozstar  +   986d ago
Happy and genuinely surprised to see Kid Icarus at No.2.

I hope Nintendo port it to Wii U at some point. Should be relatively easy to port quite a few of the 3DS games to it (Revelations and of course, MH4).
Clarence  +   986d ago
Notice that Vgchartz has the PS3 still at 62m

It was at 62m in December.
SpinalRemains138  +   986d ago
HAHA. You're right! What the hell are they doing? Deliberately lowering the numbers because they want ppl to think it's selling worse?

I've heard the rumors for years, but this is pretty damning. Still, gotta laugh.

The Wiki page is SONY's numbers versus VG chart's. Im assuming VG charts is only an estimate anyway. Good find though
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Awesome_Gamer  +   986d ago
Stop buying call of duty ffs, its the same shit every year
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josephayal  +   986d ago
DAM Sony is very Strong
SpinalRemains138  +   986d ago
@ Josephayal - Not for the week they're not. Vita and PSP down a combined 18% with PS3 at a standstill. That's a bad week statistically. Vita down 8%. Ouch that hurts. I'd like to think that is a direct result of incentive lacking library ATM.

Sure hope Vita picks it up a bit. If it slides too low I'm afraid developers will give it the shun the way Sprint stores gives Windows Phone the Shun.

Vita needs a few more solid AAA games to fatten up a bit.
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ironmonkey  +   985d ago
still making profit.

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