Ten Best Video Game Soundtracks of this Generation

We always talk about whats the best soundtracks of all time. The sort of lists that are dominated by the classics such as Zelda and Mario. But what recent times? What about the Playstation 3/Xbox 360 generation? We composed our top 10 video game soundtracks of this generation in our opinion. Now before you send us emails we based the list off of soundtracks that stand on their own. Were they soundtracks that we would put in our car and listen to on repeat? Was the music compelling even if you never played the game? Check out our list and then tell us what your top 10 is in our comments!

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ps360wiihdera2361d ago

And no SMG2, TLoZ:SS = blasphemy.

Yi-Long2361d ago

Possibly THE best OST this generation.

CarlitoBrigante2361d ago

People this is just a personal list.

If I made a list I'd put
Uncharted 2
Valkyria Chronicles

And even MW2, composed by Hans Zimmer, the game sucked but the OST was awesome.

ScubaSteve12361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

no little big planet, no Skyward Sword, no mgs 4

no_more_heroes2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

I am so glad to see Lost Odyssey on there. Seriously, the music in this game brought the closest thing to a genuine emotional response from the cold, empty cavity in the left side of my chest (where apparently a fist-sized object called a "heart" is supposed to be :/ ) I have felt since...



EmperorDalek2361d ago

I agree with #1. The last mission of ME2 was the best iv'e ever played. The soundtrack was in my head weeks after I beat it.

Kyosuke_Sanada2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )


- Mass Effect 2 over the Vanquish Soundtrack

- No presence of No More Heroes I/II, Dark Souls, Bayonetta, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II, Killzone II, Mad World, Dark Sector or Gears of War (Original not sequels)


- Very surprised to see love for Armored Core, Castlevania: Lord Of Shadows, Shadows Of The Damned and Lost Odyssey

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