EA's Bioware/Pandemic buyout official

Electronic Arts has officially completed its acquisition of BioWare and Pandemic, and placed the studios under the EA Games label.

The acquisition formally fills a gap in EA's portfolio in the RPG and action-adventure genre. The studios will be bringing ten new franchises to EA based on six wholly-owned properties.

BioWare most recently released the Microsoft-published action RPG Mass Effect for Xbox 360, which released on November 20 and and has sold 1.6 million units to date worldwide. The company is also developing a Sonic RPG for Sega and is rumored to be working on a Star Wars MMO.

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Nameless3992d ago

Bioware is going to regret letting a company like Electronics Arts buy them.

RadientFlux3992d ago

Bioware didn't have much say if EA bought them or not. EA purchased the company that owned both Bioware and Pandemic.

It wouldn't surprise me if half the development team is planning on leaving and starting up their own company.

heyheyhey3992d ago

hopefully this means we will be seeing mass effect and its sequels on ps3 pretty soon, but i think its bad that EA has become too much like M$ what with trying to monopolize everything and ruin everything to make a profit

v1c1ous3992d ago

Amy : "sonic, we have to talk about our future relationship"


Run away
Donkey Punch
"I'm already with someone....knucles"

akaFullMetal3992d ago

wow, sonic rpg, that might some how be good, but i dont know, anyways yea EA is getting really big, and also 360 exclusices like mass effect might be in jeopardy or at least the sequels perhaps unless microsoft contracts are still there somehow

Chubear3992d ago

Mass Effect on the PS3, can't wait. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.