Mass Effect 3 FemShep actress hasn't heard from BioWare about a new ending

Jennifer Hale, who you might know as the voice of female Commander Shepherd, hasn't been contacted about recording any new content for Mass Effect 3, indicating BioWare has yet to take any firm steps to address complaints about the ending.

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MysticStrummer2356d ago

They already made it pretty clear that the ending won't change. How long will this go on???

nilamo2356d ago

Well there goes any hope of the extended ending solving this whole debacle.

wicko2356d ago

The funny thing is that mass effect is the kind of game that could easily have new endings added without sacrificing the current ending.. the entire series is about making your own story.

Enigma_20992355d ago

Wha wha WHAAAT?!?! IT'S OVER 9,000!?!?!?!

sabersmen2356d ago

THIS NEWS REPORT IS OVER 4 DAYS OLD, BEFORE THE Announcement. Maybe they didn't contact her until after they announced?

SeraphimBlade2356d ago

They're probably still writing it at this point. Not surprising.

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