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WGTC: Kinect Star Wars Review

Chad from We Got This Covered writes:

"Since the late 1970s, George Lucas' behemoth Star Wars film franchise has been a force to be reckoned with. With five other films released after its emergence, A New Hope blew away fans of science fiction storytelling. Its rich content, diverse themes and great characters set a mark that has proven tough to beat even to this day, and the two sequels that followed it added to that greatness. Unfortunately, those standards were not met by the more modern Prequel Trilogy, which has been maligned by fans and critics alike; however, one thing remained consistent throughout all six films: each one made us want to be a Jedi. While it isn't a possibility in reality, video games have attempted to make us feel like a Force-induced warrior, with LucasArts' newly-released Kinect Star Wars being the latest addition to that list. Unfortunately, it doesn't fully succeed in that venture, ending up as a mediocre-at-best release for a peripheral that desperately needs a new must-buy piece of software." (Kinect Star Wars, Xbox 360) 50/100

MmaFan-Qc  +   927d ago
5/10 is an understatement
GribbleGrunger  +   927d ago
so you think it should have scored more?
guitarded77  +   927d ago
I have a $25 gift card to Dell.com and I'm planning on getting the game for half price if they ever decide to carry it online. I figure for $25 out of my pocket I can afford to buy this craptastic title. It's not that I want to experience being a Jedi, it's that I want to see how bad the game really is. Damn shame Star Wars Battlefront 3 gets cancelled and this gets to live... LucasArts has not performed this generation.
SilentNegotiator  +   927d ago
Save money and emulate the Superman 64 rom. That game is hilariously BAD, this game is blandly sub-par (sans the goofy dancing stuff).
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Hicken  +   927d ago
Solid review. Even while mentioning what they would have liked to see in the game, they focus more on what's there and how well it's executed. That's how you write a review.
Wick  +   927d ago
Thanks for checking it out, as well as the kind words.
edonus  +   927d ago
I read your review and it seems you had most of your issues with the control and I am one of the few people that have found the control to be really good.

What I have read from most reviews and seen from most video reviews is people playing are only using about a third of the abilities the game give you. I would ask of you to try out some of the more advanced things in the game and tell me if you feel any different. This would be for my own research. You could respond in comment or just PM me if you'd like. I just want to know if this stuff helped.

My suggestions...In Jedi Destiny in the on foot sections use the sidestep against tougher enemies and cut them from the side. The side step does not miss you. It works faster and uses less energy than the jump flip over. You can use the force while you swing your sabre. You can charge your force push while attacking and throw it into enemies to disrupt their attack. Use the sabre slam (not the flip over). The sabre slam is an attack from the front and send out a radius blast that pushes the enemies away. You jump and swing down like your chopping into the ground. One more thing... your actions trigger a animation like when you push a button. Let the animation finish before trying another. It should make things smoother.

In Duels of fate. Use the force and throw the objects in the background into the your enemies. You can grab stuff while you are swinging your sabre. When you clash look at the light going up and down the sabre...that light is for timing your clash attack. Do the attack when the light is near where the sabres are locked. Do the defensive combo block dodge parry to get the attack bonus. If you dont know the defesive moves do the pause screen and go to help while your in the duals of fate mode.

There's more stuff but this is the stuff I want to know if it only works for me. I am really curious to see someone that knows all these moves and how to use them feels about this game.
Tapewurm  +   927d ago
Well written review, but from my experience with this game and from watching my kids play it. I have to disagree with the score just a bit. Like I have mentioned before on other posts, the game is far from perfect, but if you follow the onscreen prompts, don't move all around flailing about and stay in one spot, the game actually handles ok. My kids and I are big fans of Star Wars and we actually really enjoy the game. I would give it a score between 70% and 80%. Plus it will wear your kids out and make them sleepy lol :)

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