Geek Revolt: Kid Icarus Uprising Review

GR's Damion writes:

When I first bought my 3DS, my thought process had little to do with the 3D feature. It’s an amazing feature that has the potential to bring in a new age of 3D gaming, sans the goofy glasses. However, my craving was for none other than a new game featuring the Angel of Palutena himself, Pit. The announcement for a new Kid Icarus game followed a massive outpouring of fans clamoring to see Pit in a different environment than the Super Smash Bros. Brawl arena. After years of speculations and Wii-related rumors, that game has finally landed, bringing a new IP to the system that isn’t limited to the eShop. And with Nintendo’s weariness about new games that don’t feature stalwarts such as Link or Mario, I can safely say that whatever gamble they’ve taken with this one will pay off.

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