CES: HD DVD Press Release Recaps "Breakthrough Year"

A new CES-themed press release from the HD DVD Promotional Group offers a glimpse of what we might have seen had the group gone ahead with its Sunday press conference.

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craymoogy3996d ago

The guy in the picture is Toshiba, and HD-DVD is ...

lynx1halo3996d ago

I love how big businesses can spin a HORRIBLE, UTTER, AND COMPLETE FAILURE, into a GOOD THING LOL LO L

lonestarmt3996d ago

CES: HD DVD Press Release Recaps "Breakthrough Year"

are you kidding, thats damn sad, Yes we lost 3 to 1 in movie sales and lost one of the biggest movie companys! break down year more like it. haha.

Azures3996d ago

Can you breakthrough to the poor house?

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