Pre-Blitz: Harmonix on building a new Rock Band from scratch

Harmonix team members Matthew Nordhaus, Chris Foster, Brian Chan, and Jyllian Thibodeau explained the development process that led to Rock Band Blitz, by way of showing us previous versions and iterations of the game. Collectively, these prototypes were referred to as "Pre-Blitz," and epitomized by a brief video of a version that keeps the social basis of Blitz, but with a very different aesthetic.

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BitbyDeath2355d ago

I still don't get this game... rockband without instruments?
What is the point of that?

LightSamus2355d ago

Honestly, as a massive Rock Band fan, I do agree it's a tad pointless on its own, but if like me you've built up a sizeable DLC collection, this should be pretty awesome.