Black Ops 2 Logo Allegedly Leaked Including Debut Trailer Release Date

MP1st - Another Call of Duty: Black Ops leak! This time, it seems to be the official logo for Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops 2, including a potential release date for its debut trailer.

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GraveLord2265d ago

Image looks real but anyone with good photoshop skills could have made it. It makes sense to reveal it exactly 2 years after the original though.

GamingPerson2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

" It makes sense to reveal it exactly 2 years after the original though."

On some platforms it makes sense to improve the game over 3+ years & release free content & tweak the game until the game is near perfection(it's not perfect but is great value)..
example: counter strike.

Some people on certain platform have been trained to expect a sequel with new game modes that could be added to the last game.

In a perfect world cod 4 would be updated via download for graphics & gameplay. But who am I kidding..

FantasyStar2265d ago

I see that you play Valve games.

decrypt2265d ago


Console gamers cant get enough of the same game.

They are trained to think paying 60usd for the game + DLC yearly is a bargain lol. Little do they know it could all happen for free via mods.

Essentially console gamers play the same game year on year and never get tired of it lol.

smurfee2265d ago

The number of disagrees you have disturbs me.

Although I agree with you that people are getting ripped off for buying the same game every year with minor tweaks and later on buying 'additional' content with a price tag, I think they deserve to get ripped off especially those who defend their COD like its their family name.

Don't worry there are many other people in the world like you who have common sense, only a few bother to post comments here. I commented because you mentioned CS. Respect.

TekoIie2265d ago

Isnt April around the time of year tho where COD games get officially announced??? If so i think someones just looking for hits to say "ooooh we leaked it first".


Yup. Reveal by March/April, gameplay footabe by E3, launch by October/November.

I don't know if this articles was meant to even leak first, they could be blowing air and still be right. It's been like that since COD2 in 2005... In fact, COD2 was the only COD2 to catch a 2 years break from it's predecessor.

Let COD9 (or whatever it's called) roll in and let's watch that same old soup opera again. I'll be surprised when they start releasing twice a year... Well, not much surprised.

Eyeco2265d ago


Fylus2265d ago

How can you possibly be hyped? Do yourself a favor and research Dust 514 or Planetside2. Something that will actually be good and innovative.

mynameisEvil2265d ago

@ Fylus
I don't know if you noticed... but he was being sarcastic.

YxUxNO2265d ago


So even if he/she wasn't being sarcastic, they're not allowed to be hyped for a game because YOU aren't?

Fylus2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

It's simply a game unworthy of hype in MY opinion. If he was being sarcastic, then I apologize. No need to get over-offended.

SilentNegotiator2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

A red 2 and a release date for a trailer that will probably only confirm that nothing major has changed.

That's all it takes?

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trenso12265d ago

true but that date is around the time COD games are usually announced officially and the hype train starts going. which is followed by a big reveal at E3. So this could be real. But im just going off what they have done previously.

ritsuka6662265d ago

Geezz looks this haters of COD -___-

I don't really understand why a lot of people hate the COD black ops. I mean, I still fun game and best COD period.

Awesome_Gamer2265d ago

even if its real.. why do people care, its the same shit every year since 2007 im tired of this shitty franchise.pleae gamers for the love of gaming.. stop buying COD its destroying the industry

andibandit2265d ago

Because it's still the best Multiplayer FPS out there.

Virtual_Reality2265d ago

The Community of COD is the worst.

Jobesy2264d ago

@ Virtual Reality, actually the COD community is pretty much one of the most laid back communities, except for the small competitive clans. I used to frequent the COD boards on, but stopped because they would ALWAYS get trolled by SOCOM fanboys, BF fanboys, KZ fanboys constantly while all the COD fans kept to themselves and just PLAYED GAMES. Just like you see in this article and like you will see in every future COD article it's the fanboys of other games that can't keep their stupid ass comments to themselves.

yuwei0952265d ago

but activision does continue the series at least once a year. so it might not be fake. even if it is, there would still definitely be another cod game, and i can't wait otherwise :D

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GamingPerson2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

:( thanks for feeling my pain..

adorie2265d ago

Well... all I can do is :( and hope those sales die down some and go towards more worthy titles.

Ravenor2265d ago

No...those people ONLY buy CoD, those sales aren't going to magically attach themselves to another game. A large portion of the CoD community only plays CoD and when that social element starts to get broken up they aren't going to go play something else.

Check out the profiles of some users when you play CoD, 9 times out of 10 I see most people with only CoD and various sports titles.

torchic2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


yea but most of those people with only CoD on their trophy list are the losers who make new PSN's so that they can start a fresh with new K/D's. but you are right when you say sales won't magically disappear and reappear elsewhere.

but yea, it's that time of the year again where a new CoD is revealed. I was thinking it would be revealed in March but alas.

dcortz20272265d ago


Not getting it. I've had enough of this sh*t already! Oh how I miss the good old COD4 days, the last good quality COD game.

ronin4life2265d ago

I hated CoD3 and Mw (cod4).
CoD 1, 2 an WaW were good though...(especially 2.)

shaun mcwayne2265d ago

i like how people comment on cod, they say i hated cod 5 6 7 8, lol, why do ya keep buying it? sounds like litte bo peep lost a few sheep.

ape0072265d ago

yeah CoD 4 and MW2 are amazing, series went downhill since 2009, BO was nice but not on the level of CoD4 or Mw2, then MW3 came and the level design was a mess, certain;y lacking the old IW magic

so here i come.... :(

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Hufandpuf2265d ago

Time to grab our pitchforks again people, you know the drill.

paddystan2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Remember to buy the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2- We're Out of Ideas Edition!

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HammadTheBeast2265d ago

Is it that time of the year again?