The Unannounced Games That Could Change Everything

Five studios with either confirmed projects or are hiring for future ones. These games could change the landscape of gaming.

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It's such a great time to be a gamer with all of the amazing titles that are already planned for this year...who can only imagine what is to come :)

DevilishSix2355d ago

Yes Bungie is a great developer, but no better than Bioware or Epic or Naughty Dog, etc, etc. I am sure it will be a good new IP. But please curb expectations a bit, a new game like Halo does not come around often.

TheUnbiasedLion2355d ago

Don't understand your disagrees, we know nothing of this title as well, we all know very well that developers are very much hit and miss rare is a good example.

Yes they are good but if people hype them up to much it will end badly.

MysticStrummer2355d ago

Change everything? Highly doubtful.

s45gr322355d ago

hmmm I am still puzzled as to what games are these five studios are working on and how are those games going to change everything. Yes these are great game studios but as great their track record is can they continue making great games

Hicken2355d ago

Well, the only one whose game I've seen anything on is QD. And if Kara is any indication, that game could very well change some things. But, by and large, I don't think it's going to happen: that is, I don't think that these games- even though they're by talented teams- will drastically change the landscape of gaming.

Of course, since we know next to nothing about most of these games, having a healthy bit of skepticism isn't bad at all.

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