Microsoft Beta Testing Spring 2012 Dashboard Update

This is Xbox: "It might not feel all that long since we had the latest Metro Dashboard update for all the Xbox 360 consoles connected to Xbox LIVE, but it seems Microsoft have a few more new tricks up their sleeve as internal staff are set to beta test new features inbound for the console later this year."

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BakedGoods2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

As much as I love my 360 and the new dashboard, I am feeling more and more bombarded with advertisements.

This was very evident when a buddy of mine recently bought a 360 and I was helping him learn to navigate the dashboard. Check out the latest demos you say?

"...ignore this screen..."
"...and those boxes too,"
"Ah, there's the new demo list"

I felt embarrassed quite frankly. Not to mention the whole way through it was nickle and dime'ing him for songs, movies, avatar items, DLC for games he didn't own, etc. I obviously have become immune to it, since he was the one pointing it all out.

I hope these new dashboard betas make the 360 more functional rather than a maze of advertising.

marioPSUC2296d ago

its definitely not very streamlined, it takes alot to get to places like the Demos or Add-ons, I much prefered the way the last Dashboard was over this Tile box set up they have.

cstyle2296d ago

if you don't like ads then just turn them off in the options. You clearly are a rookie when it comes to the operating the 360 dash. Everything is so simple and easy to find. if you have Kinect its even easier.

3dawg2296d ago

except there is no option to disable such ads on dashboard

thisisxboxcom2296d ago

I don't like the new dash, I'd rather they developed something where you could pin your own options and most used content to a front page. If it really was as "Metro" as WP7 the I could take an App and pin it to the start. I hate seeing all the Apps I never use on the App Dashboard