LAN Party Wiki Rolls Out (TruePCGaming)

On the heels of the recent launch of PC Gaming Wiki, comes the ultimate guide to LAN parties know as, LAN Party Wiki. Here is a quote from their site:

"Through the help of the PC gaming community, the LAN Party Wiki hopes to provide intimate details on planning every single aspect of LAN gaming, no matter how large or small your planned event may be."

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GamingPerson2360d ago

Coming from consoles to PC gaming. I never had a lan party. :(

ATi_Elite2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Your missing out!

Lan parties can be you and a few friends in one house Gaming away for hours or it can be something like what's in the picture!

I've been going to a few BF3/MW3 tournaments and they have been like the picture. Many colleges organize these tournaments and it's a blast and they give out good prizes. Lots of cool people and Girls attend!

but mostly I attend Lan parties at someone's house with about 20 people!

It's fun and you just game, socialize, and eat junk food all weekend. We take breaks and go do stuff but mostly hang out and game against each other or against other friends in different cities or states on private servers so No hacking and we set-up games how we want!

128 player Conquest Mode BF3 is AWESOME!

No lan party this weekend cause of the Holiday ----stupid Holiday :(