Pachter Calls Vocal Minority Of Mass Effect 3 Fans Upset With Ending 'Whiners'

It’s been a busy week for Electronic Arts, one of the leading game publishers in the world today. The, inundated with votes by irate Mass Effect 3 fans, ended up awarding its annual Worst Company in America award to EA, beating out companies that actually impacted the world in negative ways like Bank of America.

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ritsuka6662290d ago

there is no reason to call Pachter a idiot.

not cool..

He just sucks at his job.

LOGICWINS2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Not defending what Pachter said regarding this issue...but what does his job have to do with this?

EDIT: Hence, what does his job as a financial analyst have to do with his opinion of ME3 fans?

zeeshan2290d ago

I actually wanted to make the same comment. His job is to assess financial aspects of the video game industry NOT make comments on fan reaction regardless how crazy or spot-on it is. This is simply absurd!

BrutallyBlunt2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Hos job is to analyse sales. So yes, this does fall into that category because he is voicing his opinion on the real reaction to all of this, and that is will it affect actual sales. Chances are it won't.

How many whine about Call of Duty yet it continues to sell more than any other series. How many whined about Kinect, yet how has that sold? What about the Wii?

The simple truth is game forums don't always represent real actions among sales. It's also true that there is a vocal minority out there who are fixated on being negative and/or fear-mongering.

At the end of the day people can voice their opinion either way about Mass Effect 3 but that doesn't mean they are speaking on behalf of everyone. Trouble is some try and be heard more than others by being louder than those who don't have issues with it.

teething2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Love him or hate him, I think he is 100% right with his comments.

I think A vocal minority is pushing their agenda and Bioware/EA "giving in" will just fuel future vocal minorities trying to change various aspects of games they don't like.

I am all for making better games, I am all for giving constructive feedback and criticism, and for listening to fan feedback (Bioware leads the way here), but it is a slippery slope.

Fans of ME1 complain about elevators (a clever way to hide load screens and increase immersion), they are replaced with traditional load screens in ME2, and fans complain they lost immersion.

Fans complain about ME1 inventory management being annoying. In Me2 the inventory is removed and fans complain.

Fans of ME1 complain about the Mako being boring. Mako is removed in ME2 and fans complain about the loss of the mako and planet exploration.

Fans of ME1/2 say they want more meaningful decisions with severe consequences... but then demand a Star wars "award ceremony" like ending for ME3.

Fans demand gay love interest options for Mass effect. Bioware gives it to them in ME3 and now forums are full of anti-gay comments and now there is the letter writing campaign against EA.

You can't please everyone. You never will. Don't compromise your artistic vision. For every one angry fan you please, you just anger another.

That being said, the ME3 ending did seem rushed and unfinished. Sad that deadlines hurt even the best of games. That being said I like that Bioware made no "best ending" and every ending was very shocking, and left you thinking.

sikbeta2290d ago

WOW! Pachter is on a roll with accurate comments lately XD


Pachter again who really has the loaded gun?

patc...... blood everywhere.

Ilovetheps42290d ago

I've never been able to understand how this dude remains hired. He just talks so much garbage. Gamers have the right to voice an opinion. The business has the ability to follow the gamer's opinion if they want. But they don't have to. But I don't think there is anything wrong with people voicing their opinion about the ending to the game.

LOGICWINS2290d ago

"Gamers have the right to voice an opinion."

By that same logic, doesn't Pachter have the right to voice his opinion as well?

I don't agree with him here, but he DOES have the right to voice his opinion...just like gamers.

Outside_ofthe_Box2290d ago

Yeah, that's his point. He did not say that Patcher shouldn't voice his opinion. He said that gamers are just voicing their opinion thus, they aren't whiners.

TekoIie2290d ago

theres a difference tho when your being paid to do so. People know him so what he says gives these sites HITS.

Anon19742290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I do agree with wondering how this guy still has a job (voicing every thought that pops into your head seems to be what his job is now. He used to actually be a credible analyst back in the day) however in this case, I agree with every word he said. And apparently you agree with him too.

He stated that gamers are well within their right to voice their opinions. "I respect their rights to express their dissatisfaction" It's pretty hard to misinterpret that, yet someone you managed to.

He states that the FTC complaints were way over the top. He's 100% correct (just as targeted hate campaigns directed at individual Bioware employees are not only going to far, they should actually end in arrests).

I have no issue with fans expressing their opinions either, but to tar and feather EA? Really? I don't see anyone voting Paramount Pictures the worst company in America because Transformers movies sucked. And hey, Michael Bay promised Megan Fox would be back for Transformers 3. He promised! I'm going to file an FTC complaint! It's ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Mass Effect 3 is selling amazingly well and has so many perfect scores it sounds like it'll easily be a contender for best game of the year, whether the vocal mouth breathers like it or not. Suck it, whiners. And I love that Bioware isn't changing the ending, just adding some stuff in there to clear up some plot points. The worst thing Bioware could have done was changed the ending to satisfy the chronically pissy.

"any precedent set by EA and BioWare to appease a group of fans, no matter how large or small, could ultimately be detrimental to both the creativity and health of the game industry moving forward"

Exactly. I haven't actually met anyone who was pissed over the Mass Effect ending, and I love the response I get when I tell people about this. "You're effing joking." It's kinda like the movie Misery, where the crazy holds the author hostage and makes him right another book, although even in her madness she doesn't go so far as to demand he change the ending of the previous book.

I know I'm in the minority on this site when I take this stand, but what can I say. People revolted on this site calling for a boycott of Mass Effect when it went multiplatform. Then people lost their shit when it had day one DLC (don't buy it. Problem solved). Now this. There's been a group out there that were looking to hate on this game since day one - and they've been looking for excuse after excuse. For some stupid reason, this excuse gained traction in the media. "Uwww! The ending...!" For the love of god. Never once have I played a game and been so disappointed by the ending it's caused me this much grief, in the 30 years I've been gaming and I've seen my share of shitty endings. Sometimes games are great, but can't stick the landing. Isn't it about playing the game in the end? If you put hours and hours into the Mass Effect series, had a blast the entire time and then the ending ruined it for you, put down your controller and never play a game again because you don't get it. It's about the game. You might as well say "I loved the game so much, but the opening credits just ruined the whole thing for me!" It makes just about as much sense. These people need to stop acting like children. All gamers look bad over this.

ziggurcat2290d ago

careful, darkride66... your use of logic and common sense will likely get you branded as an EA "shill" by vortis.

it's sad to see someone level-headed get their bubbles reduced down to one because of selfish whiners/complainers.

JaredH2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I would of actually loved it if Bioware said they weren't changing the ending and then they went and called some of their most loyal fans the minority and selfish whiners. They haven't lost enough of their fans this gen.

aliengmr2289d ago

"He states that the FTC complaints were way over the top. He's 100% correct (just as targeted hate campaigns directed at individual Bioware employees are not only going to far, they should actually end in arrests)."

There were no targeted "hate campaigns". Did a few people go too far? Yes, this is the internet. One idiot filed with the FTC. Its a joke to think that's going anywhere. Also I am unaware of BioWare being held hostage. Care to explain the "magical" force the insignificant vocal minority is using?

You are aware that books. movies, and games are changed all the time yes? I mean, I know you are just repeating the whole "If I don't like the ending of X do I have the right to force them to change it" crap. But I wonder if you actually understand that at all. Thing is, movies are screened so as to find out if the audience has any major issues. Like if the ending makes no sense. Then the filmmakers will decide whether a change is warranted. If people are disappointed in the movie, they tend to not pay for it. This is done all the time with books, movies, and games. ME3 is different because the fans really care about it and know BioWare is better than this. Thus the backlash.

You maybe fine mediocrity, but ME fans aren't. Since when did playing games for 30 years give you the right to judge? You're "whining" about people "whining". How are you any different? So you not meeting anyone who hated the ending means what exactly? That you meet a million people who liked the ending? Or that the people you meet accurately reflect the consensus?

If you are okay with games falling short simply because companies like EA want to get them out the door as fast as possible, that fine. If the ending wasn't important to you that's fine too. Its not fine with others, so take your own advice and stop acting like a child.

LOGICWINS2290d ago

I wouldn't call these people the "minority". We got a FREE extension of the ending. Gamers got what they wanted. It takes MUCH more than the minority to do something like that.

unknownhero11232290d ago

It's to early to say that they got what they wanted. just take a look at the image I attached.

GamingPerson2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

He just gets all his comments from his jar of fortune cookies.

SpiralTear2290d ago

Usually the people who are the most vocal about a product are those who are dissatisfied with it. It happens with product reviews on everywhere from Amazon to smartphone app stores. That being said, Pachter talks about the vocal consumers like he knows exactly what the gaming community is going through. Minority or not, calling them "whiners" is a pretty loaded action. It's like he's trying to get people to hate him.

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