ZTGD | The Witcher 2 is Upon Us (Hands On)

Mike Futter writes: I just got back from The Witcher 2 launch party here in Boston, and those of you Xbox 360 owners anxious to get your hands on this stunning RPG won’t have to wait much longer. The good news is that CD Projekt has worked some kind of witchcraft in order to bring the technical powerhouse to Microsoft’s now-aging console.

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GamingPerson2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I am glad console gamers will get this awsome game. Hopefully Microsoft won't throw money at them to delay The Witcher 3 for 2 years like Alan Wake.. or make it a kinect game..

caboose322235d ago

I don't think CDPR is greedy enough to accept a bogus offer like that.

SuperLupe2235d ago

Dude what the heck does the Witcher 2 on 360 have to do with the crap you just posted ... ?

GamingPerson2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Dude I am talking about M$ & there wicked ways.. Alan Wake went from pc exclusive to 360 exclusive.. I just stated that I don't want another pc title to turn casual for the masses.. like skyrim.. It's to easy..

this is what happens to ex pc games..
then again you my like this.

xPhearR3dx2235d ago


Uhhh Skyrim didn't turn casual.

360GamerFG2235d ago

I'll tell you, great game coming to xbox 360, what can I do to get the focus off this great game coming to a console I don't own? Oh I know!! Spew unrelated crap about Microsoft and completely change the topic!

Perjoss2235d ago

You don't seem to be in the loop so I will fill you in...

Witcher has been available to buy on PC since May 17, 2011. and It's coming to the 360 soon. I don't think there is a PS3 version planned.