Wii Failure, How Apple Beats CES, HD DVD Winner, Product of the Week

Had Nintendo been able to meet demand, it would have ended the year so far ahead of the other players that it could have dominated the console and handheld game player market. However, by missing, everyone stays in the game. This is going to hurt in 2008 as the other folks bring their prices in line with the market.

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destroyah3992d ago

sorry but with Warner/New Line Cinema now Blu-ray exclusive, HD-DVD will only continue to fail. Blu-ray is absolutely murdering it.

Auron3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

I can play both so I'm ready for anything

ravinash3991d ago

I think he was trying to drive at DVD still doing so well compared to the HD formats. But I think he's a little out of the lop as he made no comments on Warner going exclusive and the ratios between Blueray and HD-DVD sales.
basically he’s someone trying to make comments about stuff he hasn't researched.

actas1233992d ago

It seems like the writer wrote this article a year ago, he however lost it, and found it today morning...

MK_Red3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

lol, good one.
Bubbles for you. But seriously, even last year Wii was doing really good. Even though shortages seem bad, they are actually making the market more hungry for Wii and in long term, it might be much more usefull than harmfull. And really, selling out is never failure. It's success as far as I know.

pcz3992d ago

its funny how even when the wii is the obvious winner of this generation (so far,) people try to take credit away from nintendo and call them a failure. people say (and probably wish) that the wii will die a miserable death this year, just like they said and thought last year... the wii is a winner not a failure

GodsHand3992d ago

No Nitendo Wii's around yet everyone(almost everyone) wants one. If thats failing then, I dont want to be succesful.

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The story is too old to be commented.