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Submitted by alexcosborn 1406d ago | opinion piece

Five upcoming exclusives that should be on every PlayStation fan's radar

GameZone's Alex Osborn writes: "It's a great time to be a PlayStation gamer. With so many promising titles on the horizon — both exclusive and multiplatform — there's plenty of content to keep your thumbs busy all throughout 2012. In an effort to narrow down some of the best, we've compiled a list that takes the cream of Sony's exclusive crop so you don't miss out PlayStation's heavy-hitters." (PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

remanutd55  +   1406d ago
how about Little Big Planet and Warrior's Lair?
Xof  +   1405d ago
For a moment I thought you said, "Little Big Planet and Lair," and thought I'd gone back in time to when trolls could say "PS3 has no gaems" and have a sliver of a point.

And, honestly, I can't say I'm too excited for any of 'em. "Warrior's Lair," or Ruin, doesn't look all that original--yet another hack-and-slash-totally-not-Dia blo game in a long line of similar... no-Diablo games.

But, hey, it's not like we're talking Wiis or 360s: the Playstation platform has so many great games to look forward to you could ask a dozen different people which title they were most anticipating and get a dozen different answers.
GamingPerson  +   1406d ago
I just want god of war 4 & the last of us.
oh and Killzone 4 if it has mouse support.
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TheRealHeisenberg  +   1406d ago
I'm with you except for Killzone 4.
aDDicteD  +   1406d ago
yup looking forward on those titles
GamingPerson  +   1406d ago
There is another Sony title I want but it's not on ps3..
I would compare it to dust but it's 666 vs 666 vs 666 players!
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alexcosborn  +   1406d ago
I don't believe Sony has officially announced God of War IV yet... That is why it wasn't on the list.

Great picks though!
KingofGambling  +   1406d ago
Gonna get Starhawk this May.
Dust514 is on my radar just hoping that CCP would release the beta to the public to see how it plays, but still looking forward to it.
Fylus  +   1406d ago
Totally agree! Dust 514 is top priority for me. Public beta next month should be awesome.
iWishTifaWasReal  +   1405d ago
it is free after all.
r21  +   1406d ago
they forgot starhawk, and yup all those games are on my list.
alexcosborn  +   1406d ago
Ah yes, I was hoping to be able to squeeze Starhawk in there... If I did a top 6 it would have been in there :)
r21  +   1406d ago
good, at least you knew about the game. the game needs to be promoted more or it might get overlooked :C
BitbyDeath  +   1406d ago
Yup, list needs moar Starhawk
arbitor365  +   1406d ago
lol, that list is just scratching the surface

MLB 12 the show
Playstation all-stars battle royale (name might change)
Jak and daxter collection
ratchet and clank collection
resident evil chronicles HD collection
twisted metal
yakuza dead souls
Dust 514
last of us
last guardian
sly 4
final fantasy versus XIII
dragon's crown
littlebigplanet karting
god of war 4
syphon filter 4
way of the samurai 4
tales of graces f
tales of xillia
Mugen Souls
The Witch and the Hundred Knights
hyperdimension neptunia mk2
ni no kuni
atelier meruru: the apprentice of arland
Sorcery (move)
pixeljunk 4AM (PSN)
Journey (PSN)
Closure (PSN)
Legasista (PSN)
Wheels of destruction (PSN)
derrick the deathfin (PSN)
no man’s land (PSN)
mercia (PSN)
absolute supercars (PSN)
mad blocker adventure (PSN)
Foosball 2012 (PSN)
the pinball arcade (PSN)
rainbow moon (PSN)
datura (PSN)
warrior’s lair (PSN)
papo and yo (PSN)
pure chess (PSN)
Guerilla Games new FPS IP (no name yet)
Media Molecule new IP (no name yet)
Quantic Dream new IP (no name yet)
Sucker Punch next game (no name yet)
alexcosborn  +   1406d ago
It sure is. What a great time to be a PlayStation gamer :D
j-blaze  +   1405d ago
lol trying too hard to fill that list i see, squeezing bunch of psn games and HD collections into it including an originally wii titles "Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection" but whatever floats your cracked boat buddy... most of these game are not worth getting and going to flop sales wise like the new Sly Cooper, Ni no Kuni, Yakuza : Dead Souls "this game is out since march and already flopped lol"

the only upcoming ps3 exclusives i care about are Xillia, Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, David cage's next game and Toki to Towa that's it
MasterCornholio  +   1405d ago
So what if Sly Cooper 4 flops? It will still be a pretty good game since its made by Sucker Punch. Anyways sales don't determine the quality of a game the makers of Shadow of the Colosus and ICO have proven that to us twice already. I'm pretty sure that the last guardian won't sell well but it will still be an amazing game.

ShaunCameron  +   1406d ago
Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time
The Last Guardian
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Dragon's Crown

....for now.
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aDDicteD  +   1406d ago
nice, i cant wait for the last of us and the last guardian
TheModernKamikaze  +   1406d ago
The Last Guardian and the Last of Us.
srcBFMVBMTH  +   1406d ago
I would love to see a PS3 version of Gravity Rush (considering it was actually intended for it) . I would also love to see some more PS3 games make it over to the Vita as well. Cross play between the two is pretty cool.
Hicken  +   1406d ago
The ones I'm most looking forward to:

Gravity Rush (got it paid off already)
Starhawk (must-have since I missed out on Warhawk)
The Last Guardian (I can only imagine how good it'll be)
The Last of Us (It's Naughty Dog, after all)
Dust514 (Way too interesting to pass up)
Dragon's Crown (After Odin's Sphere, it's a given)
Ni no Kuni (Does it need explanation?)

That's way more than I was intending, and yet still less than I could have listed. I don't even have time for multiplats right now.
Acquiescence  +   1405d ago
Burning Skies I'm not remotely interested in...
the other four though will be day one purchases. Love Naughty Dog, love Team ICO, love the Sly Cooper series and Gravity Daze is about as essential a platform exclusive as they come.
DasTier  +   1405d ago
What a Lame list 2 of those on their I would love to play, but the other 3??? You should have just called this "5 Games that should be on every playstation fans radar" and thrown in some of the awesome multi plats for this year.

Aliens:CM? AC3? FC3? way more exited.
dcortz2027  +   1405d ago
Resistance:Burning Skies and The Last Of Us, the rest are the chocolate syrup and cherry on top of the scoops of tasty vanilla ice cream!
macalatus  +   1405d ago
My fellow Sony gamers, the list is just a very small sample of the high-quality offerings that Sony has in store for us. The developers created the games to be enjoyed by the classy, mature, and intelligent gamers more commonly known as the Sony gamers. This also solidifies Sony's commitment to providing pure entertainment bliss that cannot be found elsewhere.

Such games, like Gravity Rush and The Last Us, feature innovation, freshness, and uniqueness that can only enjoyed by gamers who possess classiness, maturity, and intelligence. Anti-Sony partisans and detractors are now calling them "failures" simply because they will not sell as much as a certain game that blatantly copies Bandai's once popular 90s show called "The Power Rangers".

However, what the detractors don't understand, is that "sales" doesn't always mean quality. To successfully gauge a game's success is to also look at the kinds of people who play such games. For example, the 360 console is a gaming console known for being popular with kids because the 360 is heavily advertised to such demographics. It is for this reason why the Xbox 360 is sometimes called the "shooter's consoles" as shooter games have intelligence level requirements ranging from very slim to none in order to play them, exactly perfect for the 360's fanbase.

Now contrast that to the Sony gamers, whose consoles are the preferred choice of the classy, mature, and intelligent gamers. Such personal attributes have enabled the Sony gamers to enjoy a wide variety of games aside from shooters which would otherwise overload the mentally slower 360 fanbase. Sure, Sony games may not sell enough, but then again, not everyone can be of the same caliber as the Sony gamers the same way not everyone can be a professional athlete. In other words, Sony games requires intelligence while Nintendo, 360, and iPad/iPod games requires none, hence the massive popularity of non-Sony games.

So my fellow Sony gamers, please feel proud that Sony is still catering to the traditional, hard core group of gamers while the rest of the gaming industry are rushing to cater to the casual gamers. If anyone think this is not true, then check this Youtube video of a very horrific sample (and vision) of what the 360 gamers would support, buy, and even give up their lives for:

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!
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