The Best Cinematics and Cutscenes in Gaming | Powerful scenes that take our breath away or make our jaws drop are rare. They serve to add a dose of shock and awe and/or to bring interest back into a story. Writers have dazzled us throughout gaming’s history with tales of wonder and suspense but only few have captured that mystical feeling of a dramatically powerful shift.

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FF games have always had some of the best in the biz.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2290d ago

Naw man. It's Blizzard, their CGI is out of this world.

LoaMcLoa2290d ago

^This, and the Warhammer-games too :D

Gaming1012290d ago

What dorky virgin came up with this emo crap list? lol

Perjoss2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I think pretty much anything by Blur is up to standard with Bliz and Square Enix...

mass effect 2


prey 2 (cancelled btw?)

arkham city

edit: duh and how could I forget... star wars tor (!!!)

BitbyDeath2290d ago

Great list but not sure how they missed this particular cut-scene from MGS4. (Canal)
Possibly one of the best i have ever seen.
Right up there with the FF8 intro IMO


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